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  1. Eterne

    RMVXAce error: Failed to Create Process

    I got bought VX Ace on Steam the other day and it was working perfectly. However, today when I try to playtest I get a 'Failed to Create Process' error. I've tried verifying the install and reinstalling the program with no luck. Every topic I've seen for this problem says to replace the...
  2. Eterne

    3/4th or Sideview: Opinions?

    For a while I've been wanting to make an exploration game with a heavy aesthetic. Problem is, the only thing I'm particularly good at pixelling are items and I'm bad at perspective. While drawing map ideas it hit me, if I made this side-view, I'd be able to give a much better visual...
  3. Eterne

    A wild New Member appeared!

    Hello! I've been lurking for a little while now and decided to finally join. I'm currently working on a little project in VXAce and I have quite a few concepts I'd really love to make into games. I've had RPGM for many years (I had XP before) and I've really just been faffing about mapping...

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