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  1. Rinober

    Screenshot Thread (PVGames)

    I'm quite impressed by what people are creating with this! Awesome graphics :ehappy:
  2. Rinober

    Robots Pack - Examples

    Hey all, another graphic pack for my drawn style has been released: Futuristic Cities - Robots Expansion is available now. Find it on the RPG Maker store or Steam! I'm creating this thread to give you some impressions on what you can actually do with the graphics. Please note that this is a...
  3. Rinober

    WIPs and Progress

    Hi! Some heavy metal is on the way to complement the upcoming robots pack. As always, each character (robot) will come in several color variations. Here's an example for you. Stay tuned for more :)
  4. Rinober

    WIPs and Progress

    Hi everyone! I want to show you some graphics from time to time, so that you get an idea of what I'm currently working on or planning to release in the future. This way you might get a better impression of what to expect and whether my graphics might suit your needs at some point or not. I'm...
  5. Rinober

    Free Graphics

    Hi everyone! I'd like to use this thread to share some free graphics with you in the future. They are not part of any resource packs I make. These ones might have been created on a whim or they might fit to any kind of pack, so I probably didn't want to include them in a specific or themed...
  6. Rinober

    Futuristic Cities Pack - Examples

    Thank you! Yes, there are plans for mid-evil resources, too, but it might take a while. First I'd like to expand on the futuristic/modern style a bit more. ...Thanks? xD Thanks a lot for your kind words! Yeah you're right, a handful of elements were inspired by Celianna's tiles which helped...
  7. Rinober

    Futuristic Cities Pack - Examples

    Hey all, I'm happy to announce that my first graphic pack Futuristic Cities is available now. Find it on the RPG Maker store or on Steam! I'm creating this thread to show you some example screenshots made with this pack. It might help to get an idea of what you can actually do with the...
  8. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - STEAM

    Dark and Bright is part of the Steam Weekly Deals! It is on sale until January 15th. Maybe that's reason enough to take a look? Have fun :)
  9. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - STEAM

    Dark and Bright has finally been released I've worked on this for almost 3 years now and I'm happy to see how the game turned out. Thanks to everyone who helped me, commented or mailed me, played the demo and helped to improve the game. I hope that you'll have fun with it!
  10. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - STEAM

    I'm happy to announce that Dark and Bright has finally got a release date: November 29th! You will be able to get it on Steam, or my Website. The game's development was finished many months ago, but I have still been working together with native speakers on the dialogs until now, and...
  11. Rinober

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Donut Defense

    Thank you :) I'm pretty sure the princess would be impressed by Quidget and his ingenuity :) I would love to add more content in the future after the contest is over. Things I have in mind: - Random events and dialogues - Original inhabitants on the island which can be found/befriended - More...
  12. Rinober

    RMMV How do you feel about your game looking back?

    That's a nice idea for a thread! No learning without reflection :rhappy: What would you change about your game? I would definitely like to add more content (random events, more gameplay mechanics) and might do so in the future. What are you most proud of? Having submitted a playable game...
  13. Rinober

    RMMV MOOP (Retro Puzzle-Adventure) [IGMC 2017]

    This game is so sweet, the characters are adorable and the gameplay is fun, although I sometimes didn't really know where to go next, but I think that's part of the genre and something missing in my brain when it's late :) I love the graphics btw, so simple but cute at the same time. I think...
  14. Rinober

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Unsung Heroes

    I was always a bit sceptical how to achieve a good feeling with your graphics in RPG Maker. But NOW you have totally convinced me! I'm impressed by the atmosphere you're creating :)
  15. Rinober

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Donut Defense

    The princess discovered an island made of sugar and she chose you, Mr. Muffin, to build a village on that beautiful and tasty island. Build a unique candy town that has never seen before Choose between many buildings to improve your town Defend your town against enemies who want to destroy it...
  16. Rinober

    EST - Build And Decor EX

    Hello there, I know the thread is quite old, but I was hoping that there might still be someone who can help out with this. I've been working with the EST Decor series for a week now (one of my favs! It's amazing what you can do with it) but I'm facing the exact two issues that were mentioned...
  17. Rinober

    Your dreams on the next RPG Maker(RMMV updates or brand new ones)

    Console support (PS4) :)
  18. Rinober

    What game company would you like to be in?

    Naughty Dog, probably :) And then I'd like to remaster or reinvent the Jak and Daxter series o.o
  19. Rinober

    What pets do you have?

    I've had three bunnies, Chopper, Nini and Sugar. There were the cutest ones on earth. Right now, no pet :|
  20. Rinober

    Goodies of your games

    Nice stuff ! :) I'd like to do some goodies in the future as well. I thought of cups, but that would probably be the most unspectacular thing that I might come up with xD

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