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  1. biud436

    YouTube Player

    You can free to use images provided with my HUD plugin and you are free to modify the code, too.
  2. biud436

    YouTube Player

    Unfortunately, some videos can't playback in the outside of YouTube.
  3. biud436

    Using canvas to add Blur effect on specific area

    Hello, dude. There is no solution. The CSS filter is applied by Web standards to DOM only, so there is no way to apply it into non-DOM specific textures. if it adds and overlays multiple canvases on a single page, I guess it's possible to implement it like as this. But, I don't recommend...
  4. biud436

    (MOG) Chrono Engine x Pick Up and Throw Issue [Can't Move Player]

    You must create at least one tool event in the tool map.
  5. biud436

    Hiding MP Bars in the Menu

    It is possible to edit the game menu easily using Etude87's Menu Editor.
  6. biud436

    Message Plugin's Conflicting

    Hello. I've added something for Galv's Message Styles Compatibility to v1.0.9
  7. biud436

    Transparent Filter

    Transparent Filter by Biud436 Introduction This plugin and the extension tool allow you to set up the desired transparent color like as RPG Maker VX Ace and 2K. Video Screenshots How to Use You execute the extension after extract the extension file and next then select the game project...
  8. biud436

    Biud436's Simple Light

    This plugin was created almost three years ago so it was not worked in RMMV v1.6.1. However I have removed some plugin commands and been rewritten filter, so now it is worked fine in RMMV v1.6.1. But I recommend to use other plugin instead of this plugin. because I'm poor in English so I can't...
  9. biud436

    Wave Filter

    Thanks you for your feedback. I've fixed it. v1.5.10 - Download link (ZIP)
  10. biud436

    Creating Move Routes via Script

    You must create a move route object by referring from the data/Mapxxx.json file, for example : var _moveRoute = {"list":[],"repeat":false,"skippable":false,"wait":true}; _moveRoute.list.push({"code":Game_Character.ROUTE_MOVE_DOWN}); _moveRoute.list.push({"code":Game_Character.ROUTE_MOVE_UP})...
  11. biud436

    SRD Super Tools opening extra window??

    In case of using RPG Maker MV v1.5.2, there was no problem. So you may find it helpful to be downgraded as the RPG Maker MV v1.5.2. RPG Maker MV v1.6.1 uses a new Node Webkit. However, It didn't work in my PC, therefore I couldn't test it. So I'm using a new NW.js v0.33.4 instead of the...
  12. biud436

    SRD Super Tools opening extra window??

    In the RPG Maker MV v1.6.1, We need to add a piece of code called 'event.preventDefault()' below 387 line, as follows in the plugin file. _.SceneManager_onKeyDown = SceneManager.onKeyDown; SceneManager.onKeyDown = function(event) { _.SceneManager_onKeyDown.apply(this, arguments)...
  13. biud436

    Wave Filter

    You must use the Wave Filter v1.5.9
  14. biud436

    Say "Hello" in your language

    Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요)
  15. biud436

    Javascript YouTube Player

    YouTube Player Extension Introduction This extension will cover setting up or playing YouTube video in Visual Novel Maker. Extension Download Link - How to Use You can install the extension using [Tool - Extension Manager] after...
  16. biud436

    MirrorArea: ReferenceError mirrorCharacter is not defined

    Sorry for my mistake. You need to use this link instead of latest version.
  17. biud436

    Trouble with Keyboard Input Dialog plugin by Biud436

    I think that the problem is in Conditional Branch. if the Conditional Branch is executed, it will have to be evaluated to true or false. However, if you have the error, it means that there is something wrong in the corresponding expression.
  18. biud436

    Issue about too long iconset

    Yes, The max texture size has different values for each PC or mobile devices. it's 8192 on my PC. In case of my android device, it's 2048.
  19. biud436

    Issue about too long iconset

    In the WebGL mode, You should use an image smaller than the Max Texture Size Try use this:

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