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  1. jaypee

    RPG Maker MV 3D Labyrinth Tool Idea

    Let us forget the sermon about computers for awhile, I don't even find it worthy discussing about such thing because most of the MV user's here were wise enough to know the minimal computer requirements before purchasing the rpgmakermv and the program can run 3d maps decently if implemented...
  2. jaypee

    RPG Maker MV 3D Labyrinth Tool Idea

    I would love to see the 3D Labyrinth Tool add-on feature implemented on the MV, it would add more creative ideas and unique experience in my opinion. I like the concept of a 3D maze maps in real time where I can have a choice for my character to roam around in either 2d (overhead) or 3d! (First...
  3. jaypee

    "Why bother making a video game?"

    "Why bother making a video game?" Why bother making a video game when you can play someone else's created game. Playing others game would save you from the trouble of laborious boring game making process, people's rejections and harsh critics. Playing others people game are the only way and...
  4. jaypee

    Deciding on the scope for a first game

    First when you decide to create the game ask yourself first “What is the target audience of my story?” then you can have an idea what kind of games are you making. Creating a game was really a cumbersome process but thanks to rpgmaker premade assets and game systems 50% of burden was already...
  5. jaypee

    World Building Discussion: Medieval Times

    Middle Ages has been split into two category which are the “Early Middle Ages” 5th-10th century A.D. and the “High Medieval Ages” from 11th-15th century A.D. or before the renaissance period. The situation of countries from the mystic orient like China, Japan to the continent of romantic Europe...
  6. jaypee

    New to RPG Maker MV and want advice on how to stay focused

    Your question title is very confusing but managed to figure it out upon reading your last sentences, you should have put "How to stay focused on the story when creating side quest". When you create a mini-quest it should be relevant to the story of your game, like something to do with your main...
  7. jaypee

    RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 Update!

    Hi guys thank you again for the latest awesome update and improving the rpgmaker mv, I haven't got the time to play with my rpg nowadays to check properly what is going on but will do when I start again on another new project game again very soon.
  8. jaypee

    RPG Maker MV 1.4.1 & SAKAN 1.01 Update

    Hi Archeia thanks for the notice also thanks for the Devs and community for this awesome update, downloading right now!
  9. jaypee

    What happened to the MV badges?

    Hi everyone been awhile since my last visit and first things I noticed was the Rpgmakermv update hence the reason I keep coming back second is the Resource and third which is my not so main concern is the Rpgmakermv badge last time I remember I got something like "early bird rpgmakermv" what...
  10. jaypee

    RPG Maker MV 1.4.0 Update

    Wow a lot of things going on here since my last visit! its good to know that Dev's and community members are busy and making alot of refinements and fixes on the rpgmakermv, my question is from my last update 1.1 do I need to install the last 2 updates or just proceed directly to this 1.4...
  11. jaypee

    What's your preferred RPG Maker MV game resolution?

    I prefer full screen all the time around 720p
  12. jaypee

    Too cliche?

    Time traveling story is sort of not that common for me so its not cliche.
  13. jaypee

    May Goals & Progress Thread

    This progress is more of a polishing of my finished project "Adventure of Leo" links to my project can be found here, currently the game is in version 3.0 and here are some of new features I have added. Current version 3.0 - Beebeeslime is the weak version of the regular slime, its...
  14. jaypee

    May Goals & Progress Thread

    Month of may is really a celebration for me as I was able to finally finished my first complete MV mini game project thread for my game can be found here Upon playing my game which I already did many times I was happy to find all the glitches and errors was so far corrected(hope no other...
  15. jaypee

    How do you start playing a game?

    Things I do upon playing the first game: 1] Check the menu screen 2] Check the status of each heroes I find it amusing reading those simple description of each characters 3] Check the skills they have 4] Options menu like sounds, auto dash, message speed (this is important for me)...
  16. jaypee

    How do you make your game feel unique?

    Since we all love using rpgmaker there is no such thing as unique only differences are the story plot,etc unless we use our own made RTP's and add some coding we can achieve the feeling of uniqueness. :guffaw:
  17. jaypee

    The Adventure of Leo

    Hi Nittdarko its from the default rtp maps Update: The game project Adventures of Leo is finally finished! you can click the download link from below and here is some list that I have revised and improved over this past few months. - Rebalancing of all items such as weapons, shields...
  18. jaypee

    RPGMaker MV Honours Project Ideas

    I just read this thread and this ones suddenly came to my mind hopefully this will give you some insights with the rpgmaker. your-dreams-on-the-next-rpg-makerrmmv-updates-or-brand-new-ones
  19. jaypee

    April Goals & Progress Thread

    @ littleadventurer: Hi littleadventurer Im very proud to say yes I love rtp maps but as you can see I did some little modifications/changes around 30% so technically its my own made map :D and to all guys who posting their game progress here I give two thumbs up for you all. 
  20. jaypee

    April Goals & Progress Thread

    I am currently in a very slow phase right now sadly, still doing alot of fixing with my events primary issues are errors I got when trying to re-enter a map or load from a previous save slot npc's and monsters reset to their original positions.  I got the game finished but didnt expect a...

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