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  1. [RMMV] How to add a party member available in Formation?

    solved! $gameParty._actors.push(5); where 5 is the actor id
  2. [RMMV] How to add a party member available in Formation?

    Hi, all! I have added YEP_PartySystem.js to my game plugins, and would like to add an actor in the formation list, not add in the game party now, just add to the list. If I use "Change Party Member: Add XXX" in event, the said actor will be added in the game party immediately. So, the...
  3. Good random world/story generators?

    Great idea! Good to know that there's a random map gen. now.
  4. What got you into RPG Making

    Cuz I enjoy a good novel, and wanna turn it into a new game.
  5. NPC Dialogue Shop

    Great plugin!
  6. How should I advertise my game

    it is a good idea to put your game on Steam and AppStore
  7. Guns

    sound realistic
  8. How do you do hard mode difficulty setting?

    increase the HP/DP of BOSS
  9. If you have many, many party members, how do you encourage players to try some of them?

    it is a good idea to split into sub-groups in different maps and/or have multi-story lines.
  10. Mini Games in Games?

    going thought a maze (implemented as map) should count one
  11. The Use of Languages in building a world?

    I prefer a real one for better readability of player.
  12. Music transition: crossfades?

    guess it will work
  13. Image Size question

    I have written a plugin to solve this problem: @MushroomCake28
  14. Scale Image Automatically

    Features:kaohi: I have just written a plugin to scale an image to the size of game screen with/without keeping the ratio. And I have put the script to GitHub over here: How to Use :kaopride: Download the plugin file (from the above link). Place it in...

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