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  1. Dalph

    RMMV Royal Odyssey: Foundation [IGMC 2017]

    A tale of honour, heroism and sacrifice, dug from the depths of legends and myths. A story that has survived several centuries. Come, follow the tale of Aemilia Valentia, a Princess being forced to embrace a long journey as the Queen sends her to safety. The tide of war is now turned against...
  2. Dalph

    RMMV Night of the Living Harolds

    What's behind that door? Trick or Threat? Night of the Living Harolds is a short game-clicker-quick time event-rpg-hybrid-thing, that features a 10 floors dungeon exploring with Therese as protagonist, trying to save herself and her friend Harold from the curse of an Ancient Pharaoh Overlord...
  3. Dalph

    Hardest video game Final Bosses you ever faced. *Spoilers*

    Title says it all. Share the toughest final boss battles you ever faced in videogames and possibly explain the reason of why the fights were so difficult. As for me, one of them is Ghaleon from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, I believe they nerfed him a bit in the GBA and the PSP Remakes, but...
  4. Dalph

    Your PC and Console History

    A couple of days ago I was searching for old computer parts on eBay and since building computers from 0 has always been both my hobby and a small side job, I figured it would be interesting to share my PC and Console history. Feel free to add in this thread your personal history with computers...
  5. Dalph

    Your diet and lifestyle

    I'm aware that there is a food thread already on this website but this is something slightly different, even if it involves partially the same subject: Diet and Lifestyle. I'll be 30 soon and fortunately still in very good health, despite my past being full of junk food which includes (but is...
  6. Dalph

    RMMV "Al Dente" Cooking Contest

    When cooking becomes a boring daily chore and lacks any thrill, there's no better way to rekindle the spark by challenging your skills in a cooking contest! "Al Dente" Cooking Contest is a short mini-game that features a 3-round cooking challenge against 3 different chefs. Help Dylan to...
  7. Dalph

    Thank you and farewell, rpgmakerweb~

    I'm the kind of person that hates goodbyes (who doesn't?) but sometimes they are necessary I think.  Saying goodbye to someone is the hardest thing ever, but also the first step towards a new road, and that is a new road I personally want and have to take. For those that don't know who I...
  8. Dalph

    Let's share our PC specs!

    I dislike long and useless introductions so I'll go straight to the point. What are your computer specs? What do you have there? Intel or maybe AMD? Let's share and discuss about them too (if you guys are up for it). Here's my new piece of junk, I got it one month ago because my old AMD...
  9. Dalph

    Videogames you're bad at.

    I was talking with Scythuz about videogames that we are really bad at playing so I got this idea to make a thread and discuss about this particular subject. Is there a particular game (or more than one), or maybe just a game genre that it's not really for you? Something that you really can't...
  10. Dalph

    Toys. What were your favourite ones as a child?

    For child I obviously mean Gradeschooler, so between 5-12y old, older than that would be a teenager and so it doesn't count. I used to like waterguns, puzzles, robots that can transform into vehicles or simple trucks\small cars but my absolute favourite were the...: I played with these till...
  11. Dalph

    I'm not Ralph!!!!

    Who am I. Hello cutie pies, my name is Ralph Dalph. IRL I'm a 26y 96y old Italian Guy Dark Lord who plans to make games with RM destroy the world. I used to be Ralph once but I got tired of saving damsels, doing housework and participating in script demos. Falling to the dark side helped me to...
  12. Dalph

    Who are your favourite videogame villains? And why?

    The title says it all. Since I've played a huge amount of videogames (mostly rpgs) and I usually have more sympathy towards the villains than the usual heroes, I would like to ask to you guys, who are your favorite videogame villains and why?   Feel free to add "under an appropriate Spoiler Tag"...
  13. Dalph

    Point Card Item (Legend of Legaia)

    Hi guys, since I'm still learning scripting (although like a slowpoke), I need some help with a little snippet here. Anyone remembers the Point Card item from Legend of Legaia? The effect in question is "Earn points worth 5% of the price when you shop." Basically I need a script that does the...
  14. Dalph

    What are your favourite RM games?

    Obviously "only" completed games, tell also why (if you want). I particularly enjoyed these ones: VX: - Star Stealing Prince (a masterpiece); - Passage of the Hollow Moon (Kelarly's best game); - Tales of the Drunken Paladin (hilarious stuff); - Manifest (huge and with a pretty good...

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