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  1. Kenen

    Some YEP_AbsorptionBarrier concerns.

    I posted an answer to your first question in another thread, here: Regarding your 2nd question: the Absorption Barrier plugin specifically modifies the default battle popup functions to display barrier damage...
  2. Kenen

    Shield Durability

    Try: var maxBarrier = this.mmp;
  3. Kenen

    Shield Durability

    I think you would need to edit the way that the plugin applies barrier points if you wanted a hard cap on them. Something like this should work: Game_Battler.prototype.gainBarrier = function(value, turn) { this.initAbsorptionBarrier(); value = Math.floor(value); if (turn > 0) {...
  4. Kenen

    Trap skill -> Detonates when physically attacked.

    Take a look at Buffs & States Core and its available notetags. Specifically: State Notetags: <Custom Respond Effect> code code </Custom Respond Effect> This effect will run when the battler is selected as a target. This will occur only if the action connects and will occur after damage...
  5. Kenen

    Icon scaling

    When you resize a raster image, you're going to lose quality/detail regardless of which way you're scaling it. Going from 256px to 32px is a big jump. Check and see if the icon set you purchased includes vector file formats (.ai, .eps), as that may yield you a better result.
  6. Kenen

    Flash red after damage

    You could do it as a plugin. The below code will at least get you started, if you want to tinker. Game_Action.prototype.executeHpDamage = function(target, value) { if (this.isDrain()) { value = Math.min(target.hp, value); } this.makeSuccess(target)...
  7. Kenen

    Skill to use two items in a single turn

    Doing it with Yanfly's Instant Cast is one way to do it. With the method you described, your character could use an item instantly during command selection, and then select a second item that would be used normally. The reason you're able to use multiple potions in a row is because your "double...
  8. Kenen

    Contemporary Music and MV Monsters

    @Lunarea thanks for the update. But, for me, I won't be buying any additional resources from this site until what I'm getting is fully disclosed (whether it be watermarked, downsampled, etc.).
  9. Kenen

    Contemporary Music and MV Monsters

    The preview images for the MV monster pack have been shrunk so much that I can't even begin to get an idea of what I might be buying. You guys may want to consider posting some better sample images... Edit: checked the Steam page and the resolution is definitely more appropriate. But for a...
  10. Kenen

    Possible MV sized Pixel Myth: Germania

    Which is the entire point. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  11. Kenen

    Making a Skill with Multiple Hits and One Status Effect

    Your defense down status effect might being applied as a "debuff." RPGMaker has things called buffs and debuffs that can stack, which operate a bit differently than ordinary states. You should look into having your skill apply a state instead of a buff or debuff.
  12. Kenen

    Possible MV sized Pixel Myth: Germania

    Voted yes. I bought Pixel Myth. I haven't used it, but I bought it because I thought it was beautiful, well-executed, and worth paying for. I also voted yes because I would like to see pixel art for MV, though I do realize that the heightened tile sizes represent a significant challenge...
  13. Kenen

    Poll: Console Use

    I am strictly a PC gamer, entirely due to graphics/performance and the ability to mod.
  14. Kenen

    Time based skills

    It might be difficult to implement an ability that could turn back time 1, or 2, or even 3 turns. The variability is what I'm not sure about there. Currently, I don't know of anything that is actually tracking how things were X turns ago. Everything is updated on a single turn-by-turn basis...
  15. Kenen

    I can't figure out Skills

    You may need to make sure that the actor/class is capable of using the specific Skill Type that is assigned to Fire. In the Settings panel, look under the Actors or Classes tab. In the Traits section (top-right), give them an "Add Skill Type" setting that matches whichever Skill Type that Fire...
  16. Kenen

    how to not include a battle system in game

    In terms of VX Ace, what you're referring to is a "ABS" system. Here's one such example:  I believe there's other systems out there, but hopefully this will point you in the right direction.
  17. Kenen

    In-Battle / Menu gauge filled/depleted by variable

    How about using the TP bar, which starts out at zero? (or at least I think it does. If not, you can easily make it do so). Your question kind of adds more questions, because of how RPGMaker handles battles... E.g., what determines a loss? Would stress equaling 100 equal a loss? You'll need to...
  18. Kenen

    In-Battle / Menu gauge filled/depleted by variable

    AFAIK, most/all battle HUDs include support for TP gauges. Have you considered rebranding TP as Stress as opposed to using a separate variable? Edit: Or, rather, why not just use the HP gauge and eliminate the MP gauge? You can use hp/mhp in formulas and plugins to control damage based upon...
  19. Kenen

    Osmose / MP Steal

    Balance is only weird if you plan for it to be so. You pretty much already outlined the two key benefits to Osmose-like abilities: they play a restorative role for ally mages, while hurting enemy mages. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Dragon Age series, but it features an anti-mage...
  20. Kenen

    Good luck, Shaz. You can do it!

    Good luck, Shaz. You can do it!

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