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  1. Chaos17

    Luna Engine MV Devlog

    Hi, The picture of the setup doesn't work anymore. Could you re-upload it again, please.
  2. Chaos17

    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    Hello, Sorry for the late reply. I was able to test it today and it works like a charm. Thank you very much for your help. :kaojoy:
  3. Chaos17

    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    Hello, I'm looking for a lunatic code that will: - check if the user as the required tp - check if he has a stated applied If those conditions are meet, skill will add a (secondary) bonus effect For example, when I will attack an enemy with shield bash, it will apply stun only has a bonus...
  4. Chaos17

    Simple Skill Leveling

    Oh right, I though you can unlock too with Yanfly plugin but I guess it would require some lunatic code to do it.
  5. Chaos17

    Simple Skill Leveling

    The author hasn't been around since a long time ago, but you're lucky someone else made a similar plugin:
  6. Chaos17

    Yami, I am glad you are still working on it. Rpg maker community need this so badly.

    Yami, I am glad you are still working on it. Rpg maker community need this so badly.
  7. Chaos17

    Games based entirely on Auto Battle

    I hate grinding so if the game can help me on that part I would be totaly fine, lol Persona games are a good example for that. Optimization! Even on mobile, players love to get the best optimized gears or skills. Give a gameplay goal where they will feel rewarded, mobile games have a tons of...
  8. Chaos17

    How to attract audience into liking your game?

    It's actually quite simple, put it on Steam. People love free games on it if you're ready to pay the entry fee. They can play anything that is free and even give feedbacks/reviews. :LZSgrin:
  9. Chaos17

    RMMV Plugins Help Viewer

    Hello, Does this plugin works with older version of Rpg Maker Mv?
  10. Chaos17

    RMMV Pro Map Editor

    I don't know about an average player if he/she would be interested (I know only hardcore fans who do that like for Etrian Odyssey, they analyzed almost everything lol). BUT as a game dev, I think it would be a handy tooltip for test purpose, and it would be even cooler if the dev can edit the...
  11. Chaos17

    RMMV Pro Map Editor

    The tooltip you added on the "hat," are the stats of the characters with damage formula?
  12. Chaos17

    TF_LayeredMap.js You can walk around the tile!

    Thank you very much for your reply :LZSjoy:
  13. Chaos17

    RMMV Pro Map Editor

    Oh god that 2.5D, it's awesome :MV1:
  14. Chaos17

    TF_LayeredMap.js You can walk around the tile!

    Hello, Which version of Rpg Maker Mv does it work with your plugin? Only for v 1.6.1 and above? Or for v 1.6.0 and below?
  15. Chaos17

    RMMV Pro Map Editor

    OMG! This is amazing! Do you've a banned.url? I would like to support this project (not much though, 10$ only but still I want to support you!) Will you put pixel mouvement, too? By the way is it compatible with Rpg maker 1.5.2?
  16. Chaos17

    RPG Maker Social Network

    Imo, better try to copy Tinder so it would be easier for game devs to contact freelancers on mobile. At the moment everyone is scattered, heck I always wanted to hire someone from Pixiv but never found anyone who do commission yet I still saw cool artists in hentai rpgs on Steam, lol.
  17. Chaos17

    Spriter Pro on RPG Maker Web!

    Hi, Could please give link to your plugin ?
  18. Chaos17

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    @Risen1921 You've a classified sub forum where you will be able to post your offer after having posted a number of messages.
  19. Chaos17

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Sad thing is there is rarely someone who will maintain a plugin of someone else specialy in Rpg maker communities. So unless you pay someone to do it, consider this thread dead.
  20. Chaos17

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Unfortunaly, people. Quixos stopped to Use Rpg Maker Mv. So he won't come here and check the bugs.

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