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  1. xaev

    Thank you ! sorry I didn't see this until now !

    Thank you ! sorry I didn't see this until now !
  2. xaev

    Should I limit inventory space if I have a crafting system?

    How much an item can stack also depends on how much materials u need for crafting usually. If you only need small numbers like 1-3 items per craft maybe you could just do around 10~20 stacks per item? Inventory space could be upgraded at certain points of achievement too
  3. xaev

    How to: finish a project

    Great tips that is so true but hard to achieve xD But passion will find it's way out there!
  4. xaev

    Story vs Gameplay - which is more important in a RPG

    For me it would depend on the game itself, I would love more depth in story and characters but the gameplay has to have progressive difficulty etc. so that the player don't feel bored. But for gameplay wise... unless it's really done well with its progress levels and design then I guess story...
  5. xaev

    Random Art Thread

    Thank you :)
  6. xaev

    Hello everyone~

    Thank you everyone ^-^ stardew was really great the mood and all xD almost finished it before multiplayer came out tho so i havent played with the new updates :')
  7. xaev

    Zebby's Soundtrack Corner

    Ahh I see! Do you compose for a living or just a hobby?
  8. xaev

    Random Art Thread

    A painting I completed yesterday ^-^
  9. xaev

    Zebby's Soundtrack Corner

    Wow!! Really enjoyed the soundtracks you made; may I ask what software you used to produce your music? I don't compose but just curious!
  10. xaev

    Call all Foodies and Lovers of Food!

    It is! you should come over and try asian foods some time xD
  11. xaev

    Call all Foodies and Lovers of Food!

    Didnt expect a food thread here on these forums haha Heres some asian food!
  12. xaev

    Ms Littlefish's Fishbowl of Free Music

    Wow :'D amazing how you are doing this for free, I really like your compositions!
  13. xaev

    Hello everyone~

    Thank you! Hope to see you around
  14. xaev

    Hello everyone~

    Hi everyone, I'm new on forums and hoping to be active around here ^-^ I am low-key an artist studying game design atm.. LOl I don't draw much anymore altho hoping to get back to drawing by lurking around here xD Also looking for games with big feels/mood to play heh ..IF YOU HAVE!! INTRO ME...
  15. xaev


    Welcome! I like your pixel style, cant wait to see more :)
  16. xaev

    No, im new xD but im an artist

    No, im new xD but im an artist
  17. xaev

    My Conceptual Art

    Thats true xD but i always fail to come up with good concepts :'D art block is real
  18. xaev

    My Conceptual Art

    You have good concepts in your designs, that's really tough to be honest, creativity is tough :') Good work!
  19. xaev

    Are there times when you feel a little too old for this? (Making games)

    I guess if you enjoy it you're never too old to do anything.

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