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  1. ArkDG

    ARK's Screenshot Parallax & Picture Z Manipulation

    In advance, I ask excuses for my english. I try to sound natural, but it is not my first language, so... Anyway, there it goes... This script takes a Screenshot from the curret map and transforms it in a Parallax for the next map provided it has the term "~scback" writen in its name. It also...
  2. ArkDG

    VE - Active Time Battle

    Hi, guys. Can anyone help me with this? I’m using this configuration: The problem happens with event cutscenes during battles after any action (forced or not). If there are more than one message displayed after an action, the battle freezes whenever you try to make a command or look at the...
  3. ArkDG

    Global Switches?

    @Hudell , your script is not working for Arrays... Is there any help you could give me?
  4. ArkDG

    Customized Message Window Pause Icon/Animation

    Thanks @mlogan . Did my best to make the credits information as clear as I could. And I changed the script header too.
  5. ArkDG

    Zeus Video Player

    Hey Zeus, is there any way to control the video volume using your Video player VX Ace? I managed to do it with estriole's player, but it changes the game window volume instead of just the video volume. If you know any way to control the video volume dinamically (bacause I use a volume control...
  6. ArkDG

    Customized Message Window Pause Icon/Animation

    Well, this script isn't mine... I just took it and did some few tweeks so it could be more easily customized... What does it do? Let you change the pause graphic of the message window for an external graphic and change its position. The original thread where this script was made is this one...
  7. ArkDG

    Zeus Lights & Shadows

    Hey man, I saw you did something people said was impossible: Made the map pen shadows (autoshadows) work as actual shadows xD (above the character) Anyway, it only works when they are draw in a full block. Isn't that possible to read when it is just a half shadow and darken the help of the...
  8. ArkDG

    You are my hero. I love ur scripts. Hey Zeus, is there any way to control the video volume using...

    You are my hero. I love ur scripts. Hey Zeus, is there any way to control the video volume using your Video player VX Ace? I managed to do it with estriole's player, but it changes the game window volume instead of just the video volume. If you know any way to control the video volume...
  9. ArkDG

    How to zoom in or enlarge the over world in RPG maker VX Ace?

    You can just open his demo file and copy the code he used to change the zoom of the screen.... In this case it was: map_effects.set_zoom(200, 60) map_effects.refresh_rate = 60 In a script call (the last command on the event commands list). Just create a black map with an auto run event that...
  10. ArkDG

    SumRndmDde's Timed Attack Core

    Hey man, I loved your script. But what if it is possible to choose contextual animations based on the success timing achieved by the player? If he do a perfect timing, a critical hit animation; If he fail (0 damage), a fail animation, or a normal animation if he got medium results.
  11. ArkDG

    Ark Save Engine 2.5.1 FINAL + Addons

    Hello Klace. Well, yes... This script use a lot of new information on the save files that need to be stored in them, or the script do not work properlly. So you will need to start a entirelly new game to work with it.   Anyway, for this project that you are doing, then, I think there is no...
  12. ArkDG

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Still waiting for Scrollable Message windows. ):  
  13. ArkDG

    Follower Control Plugin by Tyruswoo

    Finally a really good follower control plugin! this works for balooms too? Thank you! ^^
  14. ArkDG

    Limit time for selecting battle actions

    I don't think that boss fights will be a problem.... Boss fights should be the ones where you test your proficience with the battle system of the game. If you can't control your battle commands fast enougth, you really don't know your game's battle system well. I would like to use this plugin too.
  15. ArkDG

    Chrono Trigger Battle System + Plus

    Why do people insists in fighting? You should think of helpping him doing the plugin if you really concern about his request. Victor, you are an experienced scripitter! You should do the plugin, not discuss who is right or wrong. You know that, you understood the request. Why everyone want just...
  16. ArkDG

    How to Delete Save When Game Over?

    If he wants something like that, it's easy to acomplish...  @EasyMoney can you explain how your game will manage save files? This would help to make your plugin.
  17. ArkDG

    Ark Save Engine 2.5.1 FINAL + Addons

    Install these two. The snippet have to be below the core script I made for you. For the core, you just have to paste this file over the old file. And for the snippet, just put it below the core and everything is fine. If you want to show the ID number you just have to disable the snippet...
  18. ArkDG

    Ark's Save Engine (complete)

    Well, you can try searching for the "tiny get info window" plugin. It normaly comes together with the RMMV DLC. Or you can google it. It's not a plugin of mine. Will you share with us the game you are doing? I would like to see some pictures. ^^
  19. ArkDG

    Quasi ABS

    Quasi, your plugin is becoming awesome! I really love the ideas you are implementing, looks unique, I thought. Anyway, I have a... strange question... Do you like Dark Souls? Using the knowledge aquired doing this plugin, do you think you can make a dark souls like abs in the future? I would...
  20. ArkDG

    Draw Animated Actors in any Window

    Seems a little hard to implement properly on my plugin now. I will have to adapt and import your animation methods, to understand them, and make it able to be preloaded as I'm doing with the old version. By the way, in this currently version the next animation image do not erase the one before...

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