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  1. Flanxei

    Reminds me of the lower part of Gemini Man's stage from Mega Man 3.

    Reminds me of the lower part of Gemini Man's stage from Mega Man 3.
  2. Flanxei

    Help with Galv's zoom plugin

    @The_switchify I don't personally have any experience with Galv's zoom plugin, but I can recommend MBS - Map Zoom. It should Be what you are looking for.
  3. Flanxei

    Navash Sketchpad

    @Indsh I'm running on 1.6.2. Are you running any plugins that alter how the game handles saving? Thats my only guess as to why its happening, since on a fresh project no issues occur.
  4. Flanxei

    Navash Sketchpad

    Okay so, I tested this on a fresh project with no plugins, and then I tested it on a project of mine that has multiple plugins. With a new project, I had no problems saving. On my personal project, I got about 6 or 7 errors trying to save. It would seem Yanfly's core engine, and Save core...
  5. Flanxei

    Theo - Screenshake

    Yo, thank you so much! I guess my skills at searching google stinks for screen shaking plugins, but I am very glad I found this one! I always found the default screen shaking very lacking. Thank you again! Edit: Any chance you can make this compatible with MBS - Map Zoom?
  6. Flanxei

    Animated busts and picture based animations.

    Combining this with some voice acting scenes are gonna breath more life into my busts! Thanks!
  7. Flanxei

    Navash Sketchpad

    This seems like it would be awesome to use as like a in-game memo pad to leave reminders for yourself. Gonna try this out for sure, so thanks!
  8. Flanxei

    Black Sci-fi-ish Window Skin

    I'm a sci-fi addict, so im totally grabbing this! Thank you for sharing! :3
  9. Flanxei

    Rubescen's Tiles and Sprites (updated July 2019)

    That greenie thing would scare the crap out of me if I walked up to it in a dark room. I would confuse its appendages for actual vines until I saw what it was connected too. All the tiles seem perfect for a foreign planet or a pocket void deminsion!
  10. Flanxei

    Framed Pictures for rpg mv

    Would love to see more! What you have here though are very pretty to look at!
  11. Flanxei

    What is your all-time favorite Pokemon?

    Im gonna have to say, Alakazam. Not only does it pack a wallop in terms of special attack, but it has those awesome dual spoons! I try to pick up an Abra everytime I play a pokemon game, it just never fails.
  12. Flanxei

    Do you listen to music while you work on your games?

    I tend to only listen to music when mapping or writing dialogue. It has to be purely instrumental though, as anything with vocals distracts me from my train of thought.
  13. Flanxei

    Stand tall - A list for tall MV Sprites

    I was very blessed to have found this, and the different variations help me out a ton when making my own custom tall sprites! Thanks!
  14. Flanxei

    Maru's MV Bits

    I really love the Sci-fi tiles, so thank you!
  15. Flanxei

    Hirion - Swim

    Would the custom graphic part still work correctly with something like Galv's MV Character Frames?
  16. Flanxei

    Lag spikes after battle

    Hiya, So my problem is that after battles in MV, transitioning to menus and battles creates some kind of laggy delay. I have tested this with a project using plugins and a fresh project without plugins. Everything is up to date using Rpg Maker MV 1.5.1. The delay itself is maybe a second or two...
  17. Flanxei

    Rpg Maker MV - Doberman Sprite Sheet(Request)

    Hello and thank you for the time you took to look over my request. I am requesting for a standard 4 directional walking sheet of a doberman for Rpg Maker MV. I am looking for something slightly bigger than the normal sized animals since my character sizes are not chibi. I will attach some...
  18. Flanxei

    Is there a script call or switch to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode? Pretty sure thats what you're looking for.  Edit: Just overlooked the part where you didnt want a script. Sorry about that. :(
  19. Flanxei

    yanfly animated SV help

    I can see that your SVenemy plugin is up to date, but what about your core engine and battle core plugins? Also, do you have MV updated as well?

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