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  1. Rukiri

    RMMV Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game (DEMO!)

    Zelda 1 was but not LTTP and later titles. The Game Boy Zelda was various maps due to the limitations of the game boy tho.
  2. Rukiri

    Have updates for MV finished?

    You can upgrade Pixi manually, it's not difficult, but but dunno if the editor uses pixi "hope not" which then yea would have to wait for an update. I do remember upgrading pixi 2-3 or was it 4? But it took a lot of time to get done correctly. I do think he was referring to updates to the...
  3. Rukiri

    RMMV Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game (DEMO!)

    Looks really cool, Open Worlds however are essentially 1 large map. So, do you have everything spaced out in sectors and just teleport to the next sector or is it just various Maps? It does have that Zelda MC vibe tho!
  4. Rukiri

    July Goals and Progress Thread

    Which is why I dropped bolt, it's a learning tool but I'm just so much faster typing it... So back to C#, never intended to drop it period but just wanted something to event stuff out visually.
  5. Rukiri

    July Goals and Progress Thread

    Rewriting my movement code in bolt, while 1:1 with C# it does lead to large spaghetti strings... This is just setup, no collision or movement at all right now.
  6. Rukiri

    June 2019 downtime incident discussion and information regarding the MV Plugin database

    Yup... When RRR was acquired it died almost right away and I was active until 2014 when it kicked the bucket, yes RMN is a replacement for RRR but not as fun. It was a shame, it became what GamingW was back in 2002-2005 (I joined RRR in 2005). I'm starting to show my age...
  7. Rukiri

    Is it even worth it?

    Actually most indies create their own assets, Unsighted is a good example here as Tiana is the sole pixel artist and programmer and the game looks manifique!! People go into RPG Maker half assed and generally lazy, which is why most RPG Maker games look well.. bad. If you have a good story...
  8. Rukiri

    Is it even worth it?

    Don't let the art aspect burn you as it takes time to git gud! But, learn color pallets and contrast. My sprites are a good example for this. Now, if you're working on a 8bit style game than yea some of these look great, others that have shading... no. Use a darker outline and a color that...
  9. Rukiri

    June 2019 downtime incident discussion and information regarding the MV Plugin database

    I'm saddened every time someone mentions REFMAP or RPG Revolution :( I also never got over Dark Dominion closing around 2002/3 either.
  10. Rukiri

    i don't eat snails

    Welcome to the boards 'ma dude!
  11. Rukiri

    please help game keeps crashing.

    The filesystem is corrupt, if you have a backup and can edit the game I would work towards copying the data over to a FRESH project. Might take some time, but worth it.
  12. Rukiri

    E3 2019

    While I've been hyped for the FF7 remake ever since the PS2 rumor days, Nintendo won simply by localizing Seiken Densetsu 3. Game over, all hail Nintendo! The remake looks great to :P
  13. Rukiri

    What game are you currently Playing?

    Dragon Ball FighterZ, close to Angel rank now! It's funny, I'm super low on the leaderboards yet there is barely anyone on Angel rank let alone Zen-OH!
  14. Rukiri

    Easier JRPGs?

    The Chrono games were pretty easy, trigger being the better of the 2.
  15. Rukiri

    So, I'm playing Final Fantasy VIII...

    The story part is good it's just a bad game sadly... Overshadowed by both VII and IX which are far superior Final Fantasy titles, even X was a hit when it was released because heavy metal glues you to the screen!
  16. Rukiri

    The “How was Work?” Thread

    Work? Pah! Glad to be home! Especially when most places close on Fridays if the holiday was the previous day... I think we would do this during Christmas and remember doing so last year, but honestly... I missed out this year as I'm not driving 3 hours to our families cabin and having to drive...
  17. Rukiri

    July Goals and Progress Thread

    Learn Bolt, and how to create custom units for it to create a RM like eventing system. <-SNIP-> Bolt is very much like RM eventing, I'm using it for behaviors, combat, pretty much anything that moves and needs a behavior, and C# for everything else. I miss boo... probably one of the few that...
  18. Rukiri

    Your dreams on the next RPG Maker(RMMV updates or brand new ones)

    Depends on how it's implemented, in Unity it's kinda hard to mess the main editor up as everything is tabbed/windowed.
  19. Rukiri

    What RPG Maker i should choose?

    I said there would likely be a new version, I never said for a fact there would be. You read too much into it.
  20. Rukiri

    What RPG Maker i should choose?

    Do you have any programming experience? If so, what language? If you have ruby experience than XP -> Ace is what you want. If you have JS experience than MV is what you "may" want. Also keep in mind RPG Maker has a life cycle every 3-5 years there is a new version like clockwork so by 2020-2021...

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