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  1. felsenstern

    Problem with Equipment Type selection

    No, it doesn't reproduce this issue in a new project. The original project was created in 1.61 and the creator claims to have never tinkered with the data files or used any plugins other than the two included ones. But I will export the database and recover it into a new project, let's hope...
  2. felsenstern

    Problem with Equipment Type selection

    Hiya, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature but when I select the 4th equipment type slot both in Initial Equipment in the Actors Tab or in Change Equipment... in Events I get a selection list not only of the 4th equipment type but also from the 2nd. In my case the 4th equipment type is...
  3. felsenstern

    Commercial Games made with MV don't run on my system...

    I want to thank everyone for the answers here. And @TWings also for the insides. I'm not sure really what to do next, but I know my options now.
  4. felsenstern

    Commercial Games made with MV don't run on my system...

    @Shaz : yes, I was inaccurate due to better knowledge. I haven't played any commercial MV games from other sources yet and everything else I'm playing comes either from here or from rmnet. But you're right, any MV game commercial or not that is using greenworks to note achievements on steam in...
  5. felsenstern

    Commercial Games made with MV don't run on my system...

    Unfortunately, it's not that easy. It was also my first thought, since my browser blocks almost any web game and if I want to play one I have to go through tons of exceptions to make it work. But in this case it's something different. And it has to do with different node.js versions. From my...
  6. felsenstern

    Commercial Games made with MV don't run on my system...

    Hiya, over time I've bought several Games made with MV but unfortunately other than the free games I download from this forum, they don't run on my system... unless I keep deleting Web Data and Web Data-journal. While I thought about setting up a batch process to do this task every time I'd...
  7. felsenstern

    New Release: Mythos Reawakening

    I knew something wasn't right when I woke up today. I had this feeling, that something... Cheers Jesse! The old Mythos pack was for sure one of my favorite resources I used on RPG-Maker and I also loved Mythos the beginning and Ash. Both games from where I got a lot of inspirations for my own...
  8. felsenstern

    Can I pay extra to use this music pack for a Renpy game?

    Yeah, the best way here is to contact Degica and ask for an extended license. They will give you all the necessary information. And there are no real rules for how much an extended license cost if it's even available. It can be much or little or if you are very lucky, even nothing at all so...
  9. felsenstern

    Change to People2 sprite

    I think with the amount of scrutiny indie productions are receiving nowadays it's not a bad thing to be on the safe side.
  10. felsenstern

    Khas Ultra Lighting - The Foggy Time update!

    You find that option in the Script "Khas Ultra Lighting" named "Disable_STD_Shadows". By default it's set to true. Just set it to false and the shadows from VX Ace will show.
  11. felsenstern

    Member+: Vexed and Heroine Character Pack

    Yes, you have Hospital/Gunsmith and most other almost all of them were part of members+. The only exceptions here is described here: "Also included in the pack, never-before-released content you won't find anywhere else! Including Cyberpunk tiles in DS+ style and Cinema Lobby and Arcade tiles in...
  12. felsenstern

    Member+: Vexed and Heroine Character Pack

    There is a list of items on the product page: The items that were presented as exclusive are: POP Cinema Lobby Arcade DS+ Cyberpunk But I probably also missing out the Nightclub tileset (I was only a bit over half a year in...
  13. felsenstern

    Member+: Vexed and Heroine Character Pack

    It's great to finally see a Members+ Pack entering the Shop. But I sadly have to pass here. I would like to have the exclusives but $70,- is really not a small price if only for them. I have my hopes up that Cinema Lobby and Arcade Tiles will find their way in a standalone pack but if not it...
  14. felsenstern

    Announcement RPG Maker MV 1.5.2 ßeta

    I must say I have not much insight in MV these days but in this few days, 1.60 was up my game ran so fast and almost without any performance problems it really amazed me. To me, this is one of the best updates ever and I was really sad seeing it leaving my computer for another fixing round...
  15. felsenstern

    Mythos Horror Music

    Hello Jesse, Lately, I returned to work on my old Mythos Horror Project and while I worked on resizing the tileset to 48x48, I stumbled over the Music Folder which I strangely either never discovered in the past or had forgotten over time. Anyway, I really liked them (especially the 1st song)...
  16. felsenstern

    (RMW) Deal of the Week

    Thanks for taking the fun out of it.
  17. felsenstern

    Tyler Warren's RPG Battlers Thread

    dayum, can't believe this. Just a few days ago I wondered if you would ever create battlers for RM again and now not only did I find these but also the message that they are almost done and soon on sale ;-)... Amazing work, CHEERS! @MMMm I was a fan of Tyler Warren long before I learned about...
  18. felsenstern

    Oh, now I finally have to create a VN ;-)... GZ Archeia!

    Oh, now I finally have to create a VN ;-)... GZ Archeia!
  19. felsenstern

    POP Font

    Heya Vexed, thanks for your great POP!HC Series! While I was working with it, I stumbled over your POPit.ttf font which looks great but has a slight problem when used in RPG Maker MV: Here is how this looks in fontforge: compared to munro (ten by twenty): While there is no problem using a...
  20. felsenstern

    download rpg maker rtp...

    Thanks a lot mjshi, I did it by un- and re-subscribing. Sounds a bit stupid, but I really overlooked this little link below the download button :(... I am getting old and my sight bad. edit: @Andar: I've managed it the clumsy way, but considering that I come here to download the RTP and then...

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