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  1. VicWhite

    RMMV Junkdogs | A space adventure RPG (DEMO AVAILABLE)

    Looks great! I'll give it a try.
  2. VicWhite

    RMMV Project Edel - a horror and fairy tale inspired game.

    All the best! Art is so unique and full of character. I love it!
  3. VicWhite

    Love Ritual [otome]

    Don't worry! I wasn't expecting to be paid, I just want to help. About 18+ is not a problem, I am 33! Feel free to contact me whenever you need me.
  4. VicWhite

    Love Ritual [otome]

    As many others, I love the art! Seems that the project is almost done, congratulations. I noticed you are gonna translate it to ES (Spanish?). If so, let me know if you need proofreading, as its my mother tongue.
  5. VicWhite

    RMMV Path Of A Samurai - *NEW updates!*

    OMG This looks brilliant! Congrats, team. We simply need more samurai games! :kaoswt:
  6. VicWhite

    RMMV Starheart

    There you go, I think is the re-scale, since when you can't have the right proportion (ie divisible by 2) the program will blur the pixels in order to fake it. And yeah, it's just feedback in order to help you with the game :rhappy: Really nice cutscene, if you are gonna use them on a regular...
  7. VicWhite

    RMMV Starheart

    I mean like graphics look different, there's no harmony.
  8. VicWhite

    Thanks @[7139:@Sharm]!

    Thanks @[7139:@Sharm]!
  9. VicWhite

    I failed creating my 2nd rpgmaker project. Yet here I come again.

    I failed creating my 2nd rpgmaker project. Yet here I come again.
  10. VicWhite

    RMMV Starheart

    Nice character portraits. Are they drawn by you? You may have plans to fix this already, but the color of the character sprites crashes a bit with the map. All the best with the development :D
  11. VicWhite

    RMVXA Tumbling Apart

    Nice art! All the best finishing the game. Let me know if you still need beta testers :)
  12. VicWhite

    Check Player position in relation on event

    Hello, I would be very thankful if some kind soul could give me a clue on this. I am creating a stealth system where an event play as a guard, turning up/down so you can kill it from behind. I want to create a script call that checks the player position in relation of the event: event.x =...
  13. VicWhite


    Hello guys and thanks for your help one more time. It's a simple question. I want to add a fog to my dungeon, in order to make it more eerie/scary. Can you suggest the simpler way to do so? Thanks a lot!
  14. VicWhite

    RMVXA No longer the Earth - Space horror - Demo available!

    It's GREAT use, @Kemsyn. Thanks a lot! 1) Passable Tiles: Still working on that mistakes, will correct the ones you send me and do more testing. 2) Typos: I'm not native english speaker, so the game will have an editor. Will do it when the script, dialogues etc. are complete. 3) Animation: I...
  15. VicWhite

    RMVXA No longer the Earth - Space horror - Demo available!

    @Skurge, @Alastor01, Thanks both. I have an idea that could help the player and yet feel like an archievement, something that is not just granted by clicking "map key" (idea that I don't like). I will work in that idea for the final version of the game. For now I will work in a...
  16. VicWhite

    RMVXA No longer the Earth - Space horror - Demo available!

    Hello @Skurge ! To be honest, my idea was to make the player explore without a map. But this is only a demo and I will adapt the game according to feedback. If a lot of players ask for one, definetly I will go for it. If you could provide a link to the plugin, I would be very thankful, although...
  17. VicWhite

    RMVXA No longer the Earth - Space horror - Demo available!

    Hello guys, Thanks for playing! @Marquise* don't worry, this is the first part of the game, there's still more to develop and play! @Cloned hope you like it! @Skurge thanks for the feedback, this is a lot of help! About tiles nothing to say, I just need to fix this and other bugs some...
  18. VicWhite

    RMVXA No longer the Earth - Space horror - Demo available!

    Hello guys, Finally first demo is here. You can download it at No Longer the Earth's Gamejolt Page. How you like it, it means a lot to me as you would understand. Please let me now any bug you found, or just your impressions of the game, in order to make it better in the next months. Thank a lot!
  19. VicWhite


    Lovely art! Looks very promising.
  20. VicWhite

    RMVXA Bushido the Way of Men

    Voted! All the best with the campaign and the developing. Will be watching!

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