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  1. Pentacles

    RMMV Killer Gin (STEAM Early Access), RPG with Voice acting and a Dating and farming mini-game!)

    Hi, I just came to finish downloading your demo while I was reading the message. Didn't actually launch it because well I really just came in the instant to end the dowload. I'll be back for the impression (Yeah this message is pretty useless)
  2. Pentacles

    Yanfly Doodad Premade switch

    Hello Guys / Ladies :rhappy: I'm currently doing a simulation game, where you can repare / renovate / Decorate your building. It include crack / Floors / Other stuff I've set 4 Switch : 1)Bad (Crack) 2)Acceptable (Nothing) 3)Nice (Some plants and the floor) 4)Top-tier (Climatization, three...
  3. Pentacles

    Limited Inventory Total (tried Yanfly already)

    Yanfly ItemCore can define the limit object by object with the tag : <max item: x> You should put it in your object like this. It doesn't work ?
  4. Pentacles

    Pausing and Skipping a Cutscene

    It's makeable yes, I did it in one of my abandonned project. You need a Parrelle Event where is 2 : "When button * is pressed" One for the pause-plugins (yeah I wasn't capable of doing it with event) One for the jump cut-scene. Here you must personnalize in function of the map , the event, the...
  5. Pentacles

    Could this game actually be possible, and how?

    Of course it is possible. The only limit is your imagination :rwink: For the question of "How could I make this possible" ... Well ... We ... don't have enought information :yswt: Altrough I would save on a variable the number of the possesion (By exemple : 0 = nobody ; 1 = The Baker ; 2 = The...
  6. Pentacles

    Can't Move After Cutscene That Requires Player to be Forced to Move

    Can have a look at the parralel event ? If I have good understand, it's because you put a "Move player" (even if it's just a "Set Speed" inside) that you can't move I'm not totaly sure through
  7. Pentacles

    Resurrection question

    Erm, guys ? If you want to remove Death in the end of the battle, shouldn't you just ... "Remove at Battle End" in Removal Conditions of the state ? I mean, I'm not against a lot of commonevent and all (I pretty much like event) but it seem easier this way. And it work XD Edit: You want to...
  8. Pentacles

    Making a Map item

    It shouldn't as it is only event. Did you adapt the dimention ? (Can I have a look ?) Edit : The calcul is explain on "CheckMap"
  9. Pentacles

    Making a Map item

    So, did you succes on making your map ? Need help ?
  10. Pentacles

    Stat increase when equipped with a certain weapon

    Okay. For Making the thing clear we gonna say : Golden Sword : +10ATK ; Harold : 20 Basis ATK ; Effect : +50% ATK My Question is : If Harold have the Golden Sword : Harold Gain 15 ATK (10 + 50%) = 35 (20 + 15) Harold Gain 10 ATK + 50% of his ATK (20) = 40 ( 20 + 10 + 10) Harold Gain 10 ATK +...
  11. Pentacles

    Making a Map item

    Okay, I'll try to do it and I'll be back with a demo Edit : Okay I did it. Remember that it's just a demo (With a lot of comments) so just copy / paste it probably won't work. I stay avaible if you need help, however you should be abble to understand it with the comment. Google Earth for MV ...
  12. Pentacles

    This may be just my computer but MV does weird things on me

    I think it's your PC. Portable or Fix ? Try to clean him up (Not easy on a Portable computer through) Don't let the ventillator turn if you're doing it with a spray or a vacuum (It can create electricity and broke the component) What do you mean by "my C drive on this thing is literally full...
  13. Pentacles

    Making a Map item

    Hey. Your map, does she's according to the current map of the player ? Like showing the map of where you're currently are or the world map only ? Also, on wich screensize is your game ? (For the math) The currently position is quite easy (Well, no, it does require some math) [Come to think...
  14. Pentacles

    Yanfly Extended Message - Bubble follower ?

    Hi, I'm currently using , well, Yanfly Extended Message 1 and my full game is bubble message (Idk why, I just trough it would be cool). So i'm using \autoevent[0] for the heroes, \autoevent[1 to ∞(infinty)] for event. When I want to make a followers tchat, I create an event where the followers...
  15. Pentacles

    Stat increase when equipped with a certain weapon

    The weapon increase 50% attack only for Actor 1 or every actor ? Edit : If every actor : On Traits of the weapon you have "Param" where you can set the Attack * 150% (It mean it add 50, If you set a 50% it would divide by 2)
  16. Pentacles

    Change Skilltype during State

    Maybe Common Event can do this... with 2 Class (1 Soul and 1 Magic) But it would be a Parralel Process (Maybe you can add a Switch that you active on every battle, for economising the computer CPU(As if you don't it would search every time) ) Check if Actor1 have state : "Change Skill" [ Change...
  17. Pentacles

    Is a Typing of the Dead style of Battle System possible?

    You can do that by event but it is like really complex. First create the following : - A hero (Heroe ID 20 by example) - 6 Variable different. (Variable 1 to 6 for exemple) - A monster ("Harpy"(Ennemy ID 10) and "Bloody Rabbit"(ID 11) for exemple) - A skill (Capitalizer in the exemple) - A state...
  18. Pentacles

    Have certain NPC's accessible at certain times "A Real-Time Game Clock"

    Orange Time System by Hudell can do this. Turn on useRealTime in the parameter of the plugin Configure your Variable for time (Second Variable, Minutes Variable, Hours Variable and even Day / Month / Years Variable) (Set...
  19. Pentacles

    My mediocre resources

    Hi ! I found your rope cool :) The dark cliff is pretty cool too. And I surely will use the Stone Switch. I don't found them mediocre xD (Okay, maybe the tree is mediocre but not the rest)
  20. Pentacles

    Pentacles's Ressources (New : Body Improvement)

    Added Girl body Added Girl Mouth, Nose, Eyebrows, Eyes Corrected Nose2 who was too low :( Currently working on Mascara and Smile with tooth (I mean, like, "Groooa I'm the best I'm gonna devour you !" )

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