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  1. JeffPAWA

    RPG FRIDAY, the official topic

    Well hello there! My name is Jeffpawa and you can call me Jeff. So i've been a let's player since like forever but recently I took interest in game made in RPG maker because of their originality and also because i used to make a few «back in my days» So if ever you're interested here's the...
  2. JeffPAWA

    RPG Friday Let's play HorrOctober!

    Hey there! So maybe a lot of you don't know me and it's fine but i got to ask, is there anyone here that made or know someone who made a horror rpg game that you would like to see me play. I know i don't have a lot of subs and frankly I'm doing this just for the fun of it but so far i've got...

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