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  1. Showing jpg image through javascript

    it now says "cannot read property 'destroy' of undefined"
  2. Showing jpg image through javascript

    Yes it says: " Cannot read property 'img/pictures/Image.jpg' of undefined "
  3. Showing jpg image through javascript

    But if I use: PIXI.utils.baseTextureCache["img/pictures/Image.jpg"].destroy(); it says "Cannot read property of "img/pictures/Image.jpg" of undefined." and it crashes.
  4. Showing jpg image through javascript

    Great, thank you!
  5. Showing jpg image through javascript

    Is there another way to remove pic from the PIXI cache?
  6. Javascript plugin input to variable

    I mean that the plugin command will be: ASSIGN_VAR string-to-be-assigned-to-the-variable and the "string-to-be-assigned-to-the-variable" will be assigned to var1 it will do the same thing as doing var1 = "string-to-be-assigned-to-the-variable"; but the string word will be customly inserted...
  7. Javascript plugin input to variable

    The principal idea is to do with through command plugin: ASSIGN_VAR trying And on the code I got this: var parameters = PluginManager.parameters('VAR_PLUGIN'); var _Game_Interpreter_pluginCommand = Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand; Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand...
  8. Showing jpg image through javascript

    THANK YOU!!!
  9. Showing jpg image through javascript

    Awesome!!! It works! But if I use: SceneManager._scene.addChildAt(pic, 1) and destroy it with SceneManager._scene.removeChild(pic); the image doesn't remove itself... what's wrong?
  10. Showing jpg image through javascript

    Thank you! Is there a way to show it in layers? like img1 layer0, then img2 layer1 and remove image1 after? It shows the jpg but it puts it above all layers and if I show a message it doesn't show (maybe it appears on the layer under)
  11. Showing jpg image through javascript

    Is there a way to show and remove a jpg image through javascript? Instead of showing a png file through the classic gui system?
  12. How assign the Item-10 amount number to a variable?

    Hello! Does anyone of you know how many "item-X" the player has got and add the number to the variable? Actually I have x4 item-10, and I need to store the number 4 in a variable...
  13. Calling event from another map with $gameMap

    Hello guys. I'm struggling with the gameMap script function. Like $gameMap.event(16).start(); , it calls the event 16 of the current map, but is there a way to load i.e. event 10 from another map?
  14. Title Menu calling a Common Event instead of default Load Screen

    Is it possible to do something like that? What should I edit?
  15. Enabling\Disabling from Event001 the Control Switch A, of another event

    Is it possible with a script from the Event001 to enable\disable the SelfWitch A\B\C of the Event002 for example?
  16. Drawing an icon with Eval?

    So far, is there any way to draw an icon? Maybe with TextManager too or raw javascript?

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