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  1. Cherry

    I need to talk with Cherry.

    I think in the meantime we talked, but in case someone finds this later on: The contact is cherry[insert @ here] (Oh, and, I never accept Steam friendship requests until I really recognize the person. Every man and his dog was adding me.)
  2. Cherry

    Basic tile glitch.. wont show up

    Please create a screencast which demonstrates the issue. And please check that in the database on the tileset tab, you have the right files selected for each tileset.
  3. Cherry

    [RM2k3]Gamepad Directional UP Stuck

    It does sound though as if the nonexistent analog stick would report a nonzero position...
  4. Cherry

    Basic tile glitch.. wont show up

    Maybe you changed to the upper layer and are looking for the lower layer tiles? Click the green button in the toolbar. Green is lower, blue is upper and yellow is event layer. And make sure you change your tile set back to the one it was originally so the "random stuff" gets fixed.
  5. Cherry

    RPG Maker 2000 isn't letting me battle test

    Please write me an email to or add my on Discord with Cherry#9440 and let me debug this remotely on your computer. I'm chasing this error for a while now and never succeeded in actually getting somebody to let me debug it... Thanks
  6. Cherry

    Anyone know how... Toad Spell?

    I don't understand what you are trying to do. It's a spell an enemy has? What should trigger it?
  7. Cherry

    RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 General Bug Reports Thread

    This was fixed in v1.12a, are you sure you are using the latest version of the RM2k3 game engine in your project?
  8. Cherry

    How To Start A Game At A Certain Time

    @AdamSakuru I believe it was about a point in the play time, several hours into the game, not about jumping to a label in a single event script. @Carly As others already said, setting the starting point and save/load are options, but be aware that save/load would usually make more sense than...
  9. Cherry

    Remove "Row" Command From Battle?

    So far not.
  10. Cherry

    An RM2003 game music won't play

    Hm... I checked it online and it seems that Windows 7 doesn't have separate MIDI volume controls anymore. Then I'm not sure what the issue may be.
  11. Cherry

    An RM2003 game music won't play

    Male sure that MIDI volume (GS Wavetable Synth) is turned up in your advanced windows mixer settings.
  12. Cherry

    Remove "Row" Command From Battle?

    Download this patch: Use the tool "Lunar IPS" to apply the patch to your game's RPG_RT.exe file. Create a backup first. You will need to switch the file type filter in Lunar IPS from "Most Common ROM Files" to "All Files".
  13. Cherry

    Question about RPG Maker 2003 steam version

    That is not true - only extra files in the root directory are ignored (including save files). It compresses the known resource folders, all map????.lmu files, RPG_RT.lmt, RPG_RT.ldb, RPG_RT.exe, RPG_RT.ini and ultimate_rt_eb.dll (for RM2k3). If you overwrite any of those (if the filename stays...
  14. Cherry

    Joypad Configuration (number keys)

    Sorry, there is currently no way to use the number keys with a game pad (other than using JoyToKey).
  15. Cherry

    (2003) Crashing upon initiating battles?

    Maybe their weapon is missing the animation?
  16. Cherry

    How would I go about implementing a particle system with pictures?

    I'm not sure that I got the time to do this, but we'll see...
  17. Cherry

    How would I go about implementing a particle system with pictures?

    A tutorial targetted at people with programming skills can be found here, for example: In general, the idea is simple: - You have a number of particles. They can be invisible (dead) or visible and active. So you would assign a number of...
  18. Cherry

    Character Walk Speed and Text Speed?

    In your case: Great! For others: Actually, another option is to import/copy all the RTP files which you used into your project. (Then, of course, the project size will be bigger.) About your character speed issue: Sorry, but currently there is no way to adjust the speed in smaller steps. In...
  19. Cherry

    Controller support for RPG Maker 2003?

    I can just say that I bought a controller (in order to fix the D-Pad thing in RM), and it's the first controller I ever connected to this PC, and it instantly worked in RM. I have Windows 10 as well. So I guess that most people will not have this problem because it appears that it works by...
  20. Cherry

    Character Walk Speed and Text Speed?

    This looks a lot like the pirated version (which does have different texts). Be aware that there is a strict rule against this here and you can't expect support for this version. Please buy the official version from the RMW Store or Steam, it's only 20 bucks.

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