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    RMMV Final Fantasy VII - Rise of Shinra

    What is Rise of Shinra and who are we? Rise of Shinra - Is a Final Fantasy VII Fan Game created by 2 friends who want to create something special from the love they share of the FF& universe. This game has been underdevelopment for over a year now with a lot and I mean a lot of custom graphics...
  2. Meh

    How to have Sub Characters come out of Main Character FF5 style?

    I don't like the choo choo train style, so I'm encountering a major head ache trying to figure out how to get 2 or more characters to walk out from the main character as they used to do in old FF games. One is easy, but when I try to event more I can't get it to work. This also ties into...
  3. Meh

    I'm interested in incorporating LODs battle mechanic

    I really want to use some action game mechanics, similar to that of Legend of dragoon or Squalls trigger action in FFVIII.  From as far as I can tell there's no plugin been made yet that can do this, if I'm wrong I'm sorry but did search first. If anyone knows of anything that can do this...

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