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  1. Master100000

    RMMV Epic Wings 15+ hours

    Epic Wings Download: Screenshots: Cheat Book: Synopsis: Join Snock, a boy who died at a young age and was resurrected by a higher being with the powers to defeat all evil. On his journey he will meet new people that will perhaps join him on this epic...
  2. Master100000

    RMMV Mega noble

    Now available! Download Link: Dear members. If you would be so kind as to answer the poll when visiting this thread it would be super helpful and very much appreciated as i am also marketing this game in other locations...
  3. Master100000

    Button Simulation Plugin MV

    hello friends :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the plugin i am requesting might be simple to explain but I don't know if it would be hard to accomplish. basically... I need a plugin that offers plugin commands that i can place in common events that...
  4. Master100000

    Script call or plugin call to simulate left button triggered?

    Hello awesomeness community :D!!!! Soooo.... Here is my problem... I am using the Yanfly picture common event plugin and it has a list of plugin commands "woohoo". (TriggerButton Jump) works perfectly. (TriggerButton Cancel) also works flawlessly... What this does is it makes the game press the...
  5. Master100000

    shih tsu for MV

    hello everyone :D!!! I have a basic request here. I need a Side View battler Shih Tsu. I will provide a picture of what the shiz tzu looks like. also I don't need the illness or sleeping animation so if i can get that changed for a walking animation instead since the walking animation is very...
  6. Master100000

    IPhone export

    Hello fellow rpg makers. So I have a fully finished and released game on the Android market and on my website for PC version but I don't have a Mac for exporting to iPhone and in the rpg maker help tab under deployment all the instructions given are instructions for exporting using a Mac as my...
  7. Master100000

    Button A,S,D conditional branch

    Hello amazing friends. I have the simplest request to ask. I was wondering what script call has to be used in the conditional branch for into check of A, S, or D is being pressed as those buttons ate not available from the dropdown menu. I have a platform game that needs to check for when I am...
  8. Master100000

    Are free fan games illegal??

    Ok so... I've had a finished game sitting in my storage drive for about 2 years now. It was never released because it was meant to be a learning experience back in 2011. However over the years i updated the game and it now looks like one of the professional projects. Here lies my problem. This...
  9. Master100000

    Need tutorial for deploying to windows store

    Hello beloved friends. If anyone could build a good tutorial for deploying to the windows store I would be very appreciated. I have tried UWP to package for Windows apps but plugins seem to stop working when compiled with files in UTF-8 format. Any tutorial is greatly appreciated.
  10. Master100000

    Android frozen screen

    As the tittle says. The game works perfectly and when deployed the game continues to work perfectly fine however about a minute and a half the game screen freezes. You can continue to play the game, open the menu, save and interact with characters in game but the screen remains frozen until you...
  11. Master100000

    Can't save with Enigma Virtual Box

    So my game works perfectly without Enigma and with Enigma. Only difference is that when I compile my game with Enigma I can no longer save my game. I go to menu click save and it gives me an error sound effect. I have also tried creating a folder and naming it "save" inside the www folder before...
  12. Master100000

    Alter Plugins Javascript to read UTF 8 files

    As the title says. If anyone can add a line of code to my plugins Javascript so that it reads UTF 8 formatted Javascript plugins i would be appreciated. The windows 10 store requires all Javascript files to be submitted as UTF 8 format.
  13. Master100000

    Rpg maker mv visual studios utf 8 problem

    Hello there, I would desperate request the help of my community. Soo.... now that my game is 100% finished I deployed my game in HTML5. I have imported the HTML5 game into visual studios so I can deploy the game as a windwos 10 application that will be accepted by the windwos store. Here lies my...
  14. Master100000

    RMMV HTML5 to Windows App .xap file

    Does anyone here know how to package an HTML5 file into a Windows 10 App? I guess the windows store no longer accepts .exe files so i need a wrapper that can turn my HTML5 file into an .XAP file any help is appreciated. If Adobe PhoneGap can do it then there has to be a way right? I don't want...
  15. Master100000

    Can Ralph be used in a commercial game?

    So I've been working on a game for over a year now and it's about finished now. Just need do go over dialogue to fix grammer and miner edits.  In my game there is a city with an arena and a side quests which unlocks an extra stage in the arena. That extra stage is a battle with the main...
  16. Master100000

    Forumla for removing a % of a characters health.

    I'm trying to inflict the player with 25% of his maximum HP as the cost to use the skill. I am not looking for a method for the skill to check if the player has enough HP to use the skill i simply want the skill to be used with the cost of 0MP and 0TP and a common event removing 25% of the users...
  17. Master100000

    RPG maker MV Ralph sprite

    The tittle says it all. Does anyone have a copy of the Ralph sprite from the rpg maker mv pre-order demo. I tried to play the demo so I can screenshot it but it kicks me off lol.. or a nice custom one would be great thanks.
  18. Master100000

    which screen video recording program is best.

    So i really need support with this. I have tried many FREE recording programs to record pieces of my game to make a small 40 second video to post along with my game however the graphics suck really bad. The finished recording looks a little laggy and choppy but when ever i look at other projects...
  19. Master100000

    outsource material difficult to use when export to android.

    I exported my project to android and when i got to a map with a BGS that i added it gave me an error saying could not find. I quickly realized that when i build an android package ut exports in m4a. I converted the file the m4a and the it just force closes. Also i am using a [weapons Enhanced]...
  20. Master100000

    RMVX resources licenced for mobile games with RPG maker MV?

    Hello good friends. So basically I tried to read the RTP terms and conditions and I couldn't find what I was looking for. Basically I know how Enterbrain was really strict about their RMVX RTP resouces only being for computer I think? However with RM VM being out now and being able to export...

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