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  1. Volimance

    That feeling of success!

    Finally. After a month of trying, enlisting folks help across the community... I got the thing to work exactly the way I wanted it to! I got my first quest done and working! My reward is to do some fun stuff: map making!
  2. Volimance

    Selecting Targets when using Common Event in battle

    So I have a skill, Dominate, which runs a common event to check for one of two states. The states are :is predator, and is prey. They are passive states utilizing the YEP Passive States plug in. So here's my situation: See that If: #? bit? How can I make it so that this common event will...
  3. Volimance

    Self-Depricating Complaints

    So I set up this whole neat thing where different enemies would be affected by different skills based on what kind of animal they are. After two days of not understanding what the heck was wrong I gave up and abandoned that idea (so that I could move on to another part of the game) Came back to...
  4. Volimance

    Removing State A when State A inflicts State B

    So let's say I have a state called Dominated that is used, among other things, to apply the Fascination state. Would a an item/spell/effect that specifically removes Fascination remove the "Dominated" state, or the effect of the Fascination that results from the "Dominated" state?
  5. Volimance

    RMMV Battle Eventing Conditional Branch not working

    I've been working on this all night and can't figure it out. I just tried a clean install, following the instructions for updating my project at first with no plugins except the "madewithmv" plugin, and then I used a totally new project file. I can't get conditional branch events to function...
  6. Volimance

    Yanfly selling independent items

    When creating improved independent items via the item upgrade plugin, what effect will this have on the selling price of the improved item? How is the controlled?
  7. Volimance

    Yanfly Item Upgrade and Item Augment Attach

    When using Yanfly's Item Core, Item attachable augments, and item upgrade slot plugins... Is it possible to add both permanent upgrades and the attachable augments (which are not permanent) to the same item such that it has both upgrade slots and augment slots?
  8. Volimance

    Naming conventions for generator parts

    Here's the situation. I'm adding a second round of generator parts to the actor generator. In the first round there were some parts that had only one "sub-part". When I added the second round of generator parts, there some with a similar name as parts in the first add, but were multipart...

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