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  1. Falcon At

    Realistic Skin Tone Gradients for Generator

    Increasing the size of the image won't work. Simply copy the out the gradients you want and paste them into the same position on the new gradient sheet. The hair gradients are the ones above the white line. 
  2. Falcon At

    Realistic Skin Tone Gradients for Generator

    Just open up both files in your image editor of choice. The top section (before the white band) are the hair gradients. Transfer the hair tones from Xinx's into mine and save. (Remember to make a backup!) 
  3. Falcon At

    Best/Worst Types of Puzzle

    There's no such thing as best or worst. There's just good and bad implementation. Most people will claim a certain type of puzzle is the worst when they really just didn't like how it was made.  Check out this Gamasutra article. It's pretty good at describing how to make puzzles actually...
  4. Falcon At

    Trying to balance Yanfly ATB/CTB

    @BTez Thanks, that was a lot of help.  I still want to know more about CTB though. 
  5. Falcon At

    Grade by Score - Making it feel rewarding

    For early levels, an 'A' should be expected. Otherwise, it's up to the mechanics of the game.  The grade system only pisses me off when the system doesn't allow mistakes. Take Metal Gear Solid V: it gives out grades. It's easy to mess up in MGS, but it's also easy to run and hide, and wait for...
  6. Falcon At

    Realistic Skin Tone Gradients for Generator

    They replace. If you want to use more gradients, you'll need to manually switch out the gradient image with a new one each time. 
  7. Falcon At

    He commented on my post 3 hours after this was posted, so he must be doing better.

    He commented on my post 3 hours after this was posted, so he must be doing better.
  8. Falcon At

    Trying to balance Yanfly ATB/CTB

    Variance evens out in the grand scheme of things, so I'm just ignoring it when it comes to average damage estimates.  And CTB was the mechanic behind FFX. (Which I always thought was ATB with better visualization. I'm still not sure what the difference is.)
  9. Falcon At

    Trying to balance Yanfly ATB/CTB

    I know perfect mathematical balance is difficult/impossible, but I like having formulas to reference and guesstimate by. It really helps me get a feel for what will fly and what should die.  That being said, I'm not sure how Yanfly's ATB and CTB systems work. I love the idea of using them, but...
  10. Falcon At

    Realistic Skin Tone Gradients for Generator

    I made a generator gradient that allows you to give characters more varied natural skin tones. It includes darker skin, and different tones of the same shade.  Attached is an example of and the gradient itself. For the example, I was using Zinx's More Realistic Haircolors, another gradient...
  11. Falcon At

    Animation Extracted Battlers

     It's pretty easy. ACE allowed you to import and export directly from the editor, but MV is pretty easy too. Just find your game's folder (contained in My Documents/Games by default.) Once there, you can directly paste in new resources, or copy out resources for editing. All I did was find the...
  12. Falcon At

    Grade by Score - Making it feel rewarding

    I've noticed the grading system is popular with Japanese games. I've also noticed tricks they use to "cheat." F: you failed. D: How did you get a D? This is just here for show. How in blue blazes did you get this low without just losing? C: you hardly tried. B: very beginner-level...
  13. Falcon At

    The *drunk* status ailment. How do you do it?

    When the drunk state occurs, all stats are decreased, as well as accuracy and evasion. It might even inflict a small amount of HP damage. However, it may increase TP regen and critical hit rates. Being drunk is a requirement to utilize the powerful drunken boxing skills.  All actors have a...
  14. Falcon At

    What if...You Aren't Allowed to Kill ANY Enemy?

    Here's my take: Visual HP bars is required.  Dahlia has a permanent counterattack trait, to force the player to damage an enemy.  Find a way for enemies to survive powerful attacks with 1 hp. A buffer is needed if you are dealing with counterattacks.  Dahlia has critical hits. Critical hits are...
  15. Falcon At

    Animation Extracted Battlers

    I noticed that some of the more impressive animations have a battler like figure flash by for just a single frame, so I delved in and extracted all of them. In the animations, they look like they are supposed to be summon skills. Well, wouldn't it be neat to fight your summons for the right to...
  16. Falcon At

    Final Fantasy R

    Ki, also translated as "chi" or "qi" is a concept from eastern philosophy, somewhat analogous to the human spirit. "Qi" is the Chinese word for "breath," and is a concept used in some Confucianism and Taoism beliefs. It is believed that by manipulating Qi inside or outside one's body, one may...
  17. Falcon At

    Japanese-style Sideview battlers

    After seeing the Battlers, I kinda feel like the facesets should look like that too. Totes adorbs yo. 
  18. Falcon At

    Common event determines target index in battle?

    It's a neat plugin, but I'm not entirely sure how it works yet. I might use it for something else down the line.  Works exactly how I want it to! Thank you so much!
  19. Falcon At

    Common event determines target index in battle?

    [Originally posted here] I have a "Commander" class that orders other allies to attack out of turn (using Yanfly's ATB or CTB system.) The cost of this is that it interrupts the ally and can only be used for a few skills.  For the mechanic to work properly, I need to use Force Action. However...
  20. Falcon At

    Common event determines target index in battle?

    The rules say to not bump "more than once every 72 hours". Although now that you mention it, I think I recall a 3 day rule being referenced by the moderators. I'll send a PM to a moderator explaining the typo on the rules page. Sorry for the trouble.  I was hoping to solve this without relying...

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