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  1. Chaos17

    Yanfly Lunatic Pack - Skill Rewards

    Hi, I plan to use Yanfly Lunatic Pack - Skill Rewards: to reward exp when enemy is defeated. Could someone provide me the lunatic code to get that effect, please?
  2. Chaos17

    Cannont render SV Battler

    Hi, I don't know if it's a problem specific to the plugin I am using or not because I have asked 4 people to try this demo: I asked them if they saw this same bug as me: All of them said no. So I re-installed Rpg maker Mv to...
  3. Chaos17

    HUDS for SumRndmDde plugin HUD Maker plugin

    This HUD was made and tested for SumRndmDde plugin HUD. Edit: You can use these HuDs with other plugins, I just suggested the one which is the easiest, in my opinion, to use for newbies. It's a really easy plugin to use, you literally just kinda drag and drop your pictures and there is a...
  4. Chaos17

    Moghunter - Party HUD - I want vertical bar instead of horizontal

    Plugin: Preview: Hi, My problem is that my HUD has vertical bars instead, I was able to half tweak it but the bar is not filling from the bottom to top but instead from top to bottom. I don't understand why it's happening and how to correct it...
  5. Chaos17

    Learn with me how to customize your battle HUD

    Introduction I choose to summit this serie of videos about my on going project Chibi Dungeon. They are half tutorials and half dev blog because the theme of the event is to make a tutorial and I think they could help people to to understand how to customize their battle HUD in some way. Also...
  6. Chaos17

    Substitue trait taking heal ?

    Hi, I've recently tested the substitute trait and I found out that when an actor with low HP try to use a spell to heal himself, my tank with Substitute trait will get healed instead ? Is there a way to avoid that ?
  7. Chaos17

    Is it possible to display a picture only during actor selection ?

    Hi, I am not really used to eventing so I'm sorry if my question is silly. I would like to know if it's possible to display a picture during actor selection in combat through the troop event ? I know there is a show picture command but I don't know how to call it when it's the turn of...
  8. Chaos17

    Moogle_X Passive skills plugin

    Hi, Can someone update Moogle Passive skill plugin to be compatible with Moghunter Battle command, please ? Because at the moment Moogle X option to hide passive skills (tab) doesn't work. He already made it compatible in the past but Moghunter made an update and it diesn't work since...
  9. Chaos17

    Trying to bind a key for autobattle plugin

    Hi, I'm trying to bind a key for the following plugin : By using Yanfly Button Common Events : Problem : I don't know what it in battle plugin trigger the command to activate the autobattle for party. I tried to read it and...
  10. Chaos17

    Tip and trick : second chance, need a tweak!

    Hi, I would like a tweak to Yanfly tip a trick : second chance. I would like the code check if the target is under 30% HP, it will heal him 10% of his HP. I understand where to change the part but I don't know the code to calculate that in %. <Custom React Effect> // Check to see if...
  11. Chaos17

    Yanfly's plugin : Replace attack

    Hi, I don't if it's possible through lunatic mode but since I have 0 knowledge about javascript, I will ask here : I've fire enchanted "fire" element on my weapon, I used Yanfly note tag to replace my normal attack with a a fire slash...
  12. Chaos17

    Yanfly's plugin : Battle AI core

    Plugin : Hi, I'm trying to code : when party level is superior to level 5, the enemy cast : Sleep. I know there is already a default feature for that but it never worked for me so I'm trying to do it with Yanfly plugin <AI Priority>...
  13. Chaos17

    Chibi Dungeon

    Just like the title of the game says, the whole project is a short little dungeon. All the rooms are covered in dark, so you will never know what will be ahead of you or hidden from you. But do not fear, once you discovered a room it will stay uncovered. Also beware of some...
  14. Chaos17

    Menu background

    Hi, I am actualy using those plugins to put a picture in the background of the menus : One who change only the basic menu : The add-on to change Yanfly plugins and other : But the author has gone missing so I can't ask him to...
  15. Chaos17

    Yami overlay script doesn't show par#.png with Steam version ?

    Hi, I've been using this many time with my main projet Bloody Rose in the past but when I tried to use it for mapping contest (so a new project) I couldn't get it to work at all. I checked over and over my config : switch and variables. I even asked a friend to test my demo for the contest...
  16. Chaos17

    [RESOLVED] Add options to Yanfly option system script

    Hello, Can someone create/add 2 new option in Yanfly system script, please ? I would like the following options : - Show tutorials ON or OFF - Show shortcuts ON or OFF I would like to use these new options with switches only. Here the script : DROPBOX
  17. Chaos17

    Is this script correctly coded ?

    Hello, Can someone help me check if this script is correctly coded, please ? A friend tried to teach how to script months ago and this is the result. But I'm unable at the moment to meet him. The purpose of this script is to help me call a sprite from a sprite sheet and to change it to my...
  18. Chaos17

    [Ace] XS - stamina System not working

    Hi, It seems I've a compatibility problem between XS - stamina system and Moghunter weather script. Here's the bug report : This is the "bugged" line :  @stamina = (@stamina + value).clamp(0, @max_stamina) if operator == :addHere're the scripts : MOG_Weather_EX ...
  19. Chaos17

    [Solved] Want to link 2 scripts

    Hello, Could someone help, me please ? I would like to put a link in Yanfly statut script, exemple : The script I want to put in there is : Yanfly script : Patch for linking in the Skills menu : I tried to...
  20. Chaos17

    FyxA Snippets / Scriptlets

    Hello, I just tried your : Event Sprite Displacement script and I got this bug.'>

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