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  1. ZUBA Games

    Gameus' Quest System

    Hi, love your plugin like a lot :guffaw: I was just wondering if it's possible to do more of the steps at the same time, like if the quest was to obtain two different items, you could go get them at the same time without the need of the Quest NextStep plugin command?
  2. ZUBA Games

    ◄Journey Battle System v.03►(Tankentai translation project)

    Well, becaus of the japanese text in the battle log, I copied the script data from another project which was in english and pasted it in Journay demo. Then i pasted the Journey scripts at the same postion as in the demo. Could it have something to do with that? Beside, i haven´t any other...
  3. ZUBA Games

    ◄Journey Battle System v.03►(Tankentai translation project)

    Hello, i have the same issue as federogamer: "Script 'Journey System' line 1519: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'frame_max' for nil:NilClass" , I started a project from the demo, so all animation where in it. Probobly I don´t know what you mean with animation. Is it the animation data...
  4. ZUBA Games

    Could someone recolour this girl?

    Thank you all so much! But zachfoss why are you're without tranparens?
  5. ZUBA Games

    Could someone recolour this girl?

    Hello! It would very great if someone could recolour this girl's hair to orange! But first exuse me for my bad english. But if someone could do it I would be really pleased! And of course I will write you in the credits if you want! Hope you want to help me if you can! /ZUBA Games

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