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  1. jeaceb

    Generator Request Coat Cape

    ' something like these images a coat that acts more of a cloak
  2. jeaceb

    (MV) Charecter Gen Scarf

    Of course that is completely ok with me but two of the images aren't loading for me for some reason
  3. jeaceb

    (MV) Charecter Gen Scarf

    Thank You I appreciate your effort and time!
  4. jeaceb

    (MV) Charecter Gen Scarf

    I would love to see someone edit off all the clothes so its just the scarf. Is that possible?
  5. jeaceb

    RPG Maker MV Extended Generator - Version Alpha 0.10 - Update on the 7th September 2019

    I am having the Index was outside of the array thing is there anyway to fix this?
  6. jeaceb

    Plot and Character Feedback

    Well i do like the idea of all of these classes but it would be helpful to know what your enemy's will be and combat style for example if they use any type of plugin that would give the adaptive armor or is magic used with mana and TP the same element and are enemy's resistant to fire from the...
  7. jeaceb

    Character Generator Parts Willing to pay!

    I am making an anime styled game for fun but i keep noticing that there are limited numbers of modern / Scfi pieces in the generator so i am willing to pay someone to create these outfits hopefully recolor able! i am using the extended generator if that helps with the creation of any of these pieces
  8. jeaceb

    Minty's Tailor Shop [CLOSED]

      Oh um could you possibly make his sweatshirt vest thing?
  9. jeaceb

    Minty's Tailor Shop [CLOSED]

    I was thinking the outfits in general. like shirts/shorts/pants. for all of them. if you could do any of them I would like to know haha sorry for not being more specific
  10. jeaceb

    Minty's Tailor Shop [CLOSED]

    Graphics Type (TV, SV, TVD): Description: Non-commercial or commercial: Extra Info: Graphics Type (TV, SV, TVD): All Description: Modern Clothes / anime style Non-commercial or commercial: Non-Commercial for the moment Extra Info: Hey sorry i am not trying to seem like a...

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