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  1. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Bypassing Weapon Requirements?

    In my game, different spells require different types of staves in order to be cast, however, I want to add a ring that would allow the ability to cast any spell without a stave at the cost of less damage. How would I go about doing this?
  2. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Trouble with Multi-Frames Plugin

    Hello, I am using the Victor Engine - Multi Frames plugin because I have sprites that have more than 3 frames, 4-6 to be exact. However, even after making a character sprite sheet that fits the dimension requirements, using a "$" at the beginning of the name of the sprite sheet, and putting [f4]...
  3. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Weapon Equip Sizes?

    What I'm basically looking for is a way to add weapon sizes. For example, players can duel-wield daggers, but I don't want them to abuse the duel-wield by having a dagger and a great-sword, while I can fix this why having great-swords 2handed only. I can't have it to where players can't have a...
  4. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Game Crashes After Every Battle

    The picture below shows the error that occurs when the game crashes after a battle. I'm not completely sure what could be wrong, could be a script, but I haven't added any scripts recently that alter common events or how battles take place.
  5. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Saying first letter of actor's name.

    In a nutshell, I'm wondering if it's possible to have the game say only the first letter of an actor's name. Such as, if the actor's name is Jeff, the call could refer to the actor as simply J.
  6. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Changing pitches of current track with script call?

    Is it possible to make it to where, with a script call, all tracks playing, and will be playing lower in pitch by a set amount by default? For example, if the player is confused or something, the map world could be dizzy and slower.
  7. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Examining an Item

    In a nutshell, I'm looking for a script that when I click on an item to use, it would have two options: Use, and Info. Use would do what the item would normally do, while info could be used to give some more flavor text and detailed information about the item, sorta like in Earthbound. Maybe by...
  8. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Actor sprite change depending on armor worn and variable?

    I'm looking for a script that can check what armor the actor is wearing and change their sprite depending on it, maybe with a variable check too so the sprite will change to something else if there's another deciding factor like different genders for that single actor.
  9. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Looking for menu transistion

    In a nutshell, I'm looking for a way that the game's map will load a few seconds before the menu actually closes. EDIT: Or perhaps for the screen to fade out when the map is open, but slowly fade back when the menu closes.
  10. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Looking for Extremely Simple Save Menu

    I'm looking for an extremely simple save menu script that would replace the default save menu with something much more simple, such as only showing time played and file number, but not showing the character or any other things such as gold, total saves, ect..
  11. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Having trouble with Journey Battle System script.

    Basically, all animations in battle are jittery and sometimes existing in two places at once. Here's an example video I made a little bit ago.
  12. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Searching for Side-View battle compatible with Mode7

    I'm basically looking for a side-view battle script for VX Ace that would be compatible with the Mode7 script. When I try to play a side-view battle script, the actors are usually missing or off screen, and I'm unsure as to how I can fix this.
  13. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Diagonal Tiles/Characters for Isometric Maps?

    I was wondering if there are any resources out there, such as doors or boxes, that would better fit a map made with an isometric engine like the one in the picture below. I would be very interested in looking at any tiles that might be of relevance.
  14. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Closet open and closed sprites.

    I was wondering if there were any closet sprites around, one open and another closed. Preferably empty, I haven't been able to find such a sprite yet.
  15. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Mode 7 Rotation

    I've been using the Mode7 script for a while now and I was wondering if it might be possible to rotate the camera in a while that shows the titles in a diagonal way?
  16. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Mode 7 Crashing?

    I've been making a game that uses a Mode7 script ( ) <--- This one And sometimes when I go on a map that uses Mode7, it sometimes crashes the entire game, is there a fix for this?
  17. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Earthbound Battlebacks

    In earthbound, when you encounter an enemy, the background of the battle always moves around in a weird way(Like shown in the video I'll link). I was wondering if there's a script out there that enables backgrounds to move around like that during battle. Earthbound / Mother 2: Battle Against...
  18. Tatsude K. Hitori

    How to improve event AI?

    In my game, enemies start battles by walking up to you, while I can make an enemy approach the player, the enemy tends to get stuck on trees and rocks instead of going around them, is there a way around this? Maybe a script of some sorts?
  19. Tatsude K. Hitori

    How to make an avoid command

    I've tried making a move called Avoid. It basically gives the player a 50% chance of avoiding all damage. But I can't seem to set this up correctly, how might I go about doing this?
  20. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Looking for alpha testers!

    I'm looking for Alpha Testers for my game, Forgotten Memories. It's an RPG Adventure that revolves around the main character Enigma as he attempts to remember his forgotten memories. Here are some links to some videos showing some features in the game. If you're interested in alpha...

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