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  1. Dweynie

    My Art Samples

    I'm just gonna show my recent art commissions (from my fb page) since I havent posted anything except for the introduction thread. :) For more sample art, here's my fb page photos link:
  2. Dweynie

    Hi, I'm a new artist member

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to say hi and say something bout myself. I'm Dweynie and im an Artist. I use Anime style to be exact. Someone redirected me to this forum because I'm looking for new ways to have commissions. (Except for Deviantart and my FB page) and since I have encountered RPG...

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Hmmmm, nice site UI change.
Swapped back to my original meds, but the flippity floppity has me reeling. T ^T I have game making and song collabs to do, hurry up, health. lol
It took me 6 retries to get the color of Yoshi I wanted. 30 mins of recording. 30 mins of voice work. Probably another 20 mins of waiting in between takes. But finally I got him...
I bought a 2 week emergency food supply. And people are already making fun of me :( I'll be fed for a bit while they go hungry when food supplies get cut(for whatever reason).
Start of semester today. This is going to be a long one.

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