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  1. Variables Problem : RMVX doesn't recognize actor parameters ?

    Hello again ! I'm sorry if I'm hogging the forums, but this is a beloved project of mine and I'm something of a beginner in RPG Maker. As you can see in the file attached, I've got a parallel process common event that's supposed to mimic the effects of withdrawal. I know I've done the switches...
  2. Smarter AI

    Hello everyone ! I'm making a game in VX where there are several chase scenes. Now, the thing is, when I set the movement route to "approach", the enemies will chase me. But the problem is that if I'm too far away, they start to act really stupid, either not moving at all or getting stuck in...
  3. Bigger event collision ?

    Hello, This is my first time posting a script request. I've tried to get the hang of RGSS2 using turorials, but it's quite hard :( So anyway, I'd be forever grateful if someone could make a script that would allow events to detect based not just on one tile, but on the whole graphic. I've...
  4. Determine lead actor in RMVX ?

    Hey all, it's me again. I'm making a game where there's a drug mechanic, now the drug would have to be useable only by the party leader. Also, since there's a common event that controls the effects of the drug each time it is used, I need a way to determine who is the leader exactly. I know in...
  5. Weird autonomous movement issue

    Okay so I've got this prison scene set up where you're supposed to run between rows of inmates without getting stopped by the guards. Now I've created an "area effect" to make guards react, move towards you, and stop you when you enter their area. The problem is, they seem to recognize the...
  6. Quicken event creation ?

    Hello again ; Sorry for the bother, but my torch event is sort of a pain in the ass. So I have this torch event with a matchbox and match. Simple, right ? Now, the thing is, I want to have different torches be activated. The room with torches (the matchbox is in the chest and the matches are...
  7. What am I doing wrong ?

    Hello to all, I am completely new at this sort of thing. I'm making a game without scripts, and right now I'm in the process of creating torches. Now, I'm trying to do it so that when I use a match and a matchbox, one match will be deducted from your inventory. When I don't have the match, the...

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