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  1. Dinamic Creates

    Background Picture

    I believe this is possible, and I'm not sure where should I start to check. I would like a plugin to put a picture on the back of the game to replace the black bars. My games have a fixed resolution, so I would like to make some "arcade cabinet" art or things like that to put behind the game...
  2. Dinamic Creates

    Move route script call

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering, how are we supposed to use the move route script calls? It seems I have to create a moveRoute variable/object and then send it through a character (event, player) function, but I have no idea on how to define this variable. I can't find anything related to a...
  3. Dinamic Creates

    Keep getting "Unexpected" SyntaxErrors

    Hello, I'm interested in making plugins, however, I'm working with events and script calls by now. I'm coding a script that enables or disables a Switch if the two nearest spaces behind the player are passable or not, but when I check if it works, the game keeps throwing me "Unexpected"...
  4. Dinamic Creates

    Change Access for Specific Menu

    I need to change access only to the skill menu for my game.  Now, I could just turn the menu off until I enable that but...  I think that having the ability of changing access for each menu would be awesome. Is it possible? Doesn't sounds like a hard plugin.
  5. Dinamic Creates

    Car Edits

    These are just simple recolors of the cars that come on the SciFi outside tilesets. They are intended to be used as events with movement routes (fixed direction + disable movement animation), but use them as you want.     Save the pictures as: $Cars and $Cars2          As I said, these are edits...
  6. Dinamic Creates

    Non-Fighting Party Member

    In my game, I want to use the ''Formation'' option to make able exclusive skills (also showing different messages) depending of the first actor on the party. I think I can manage that with eventing by myself, but, I want a specific party member (a bird) to never appear on any battle, whatever...
  7. Dinamic Creates

    Request. Save and Exit.

    Hi, I'm just wondering if someone could help me.  Not sure if needs plugin, or if just some script-call.  I want to save and exit. You know, I'm using this Skip Title plugin to make an Intro/Prologue. The intro starts without showing the title screen. So, when endend, now I do want to show the...
  8. Dinamic Creates

    Skip the pre-battle transition

    Hello guys, I'm new on the forums. Also, english is not my mother language, so, if I don't explain well, please make me notice it.  So, I'm creating a little game with the MV Trial. Everything has been fine, but, there's something a little ugly in my opinion. Everytime I start a battle, the...

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