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  1. Demon God Démigra

    Seeking Programmer for External Bust/Sprite Generator Project

    ** I do hope this is in the right section. Please excuse the ignorance if not... I asked and someone suggested that it went here. ** Scope A fully functional, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing character graphics generator for use for games. Ambitiously speaking, I'd like for this to...
  2. Demon God Démigra

    Map Depth...

    Alright, I believe I have a handle on how to import and make my drawn maps functional in Ace via something called parallax... But to my dismay, my maps have depth and I find no tutorial on how to make my character sprites smaller as they walk "into" my map. I've searched the tutorials here and...
  3. Demon God Démigra

    Topic Placement...

    In which forum would I post if I'm looking for a programmer outside of Maker that will collaborate with me on an external "Bust/Sprite" generator utility? Non-paid. Only to boost our experience in our fields and to provide this to the community. I thank you for any answers.

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