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  1. phamtruong1992

    [Graphics][Character,Sprite] My little Stickman Figure can't be this cute!

    Ore no Imōto ga... wrong anime, excuse me. Joke, i don't watch that anime. Hence i don't even watch anime anymore, it's been years. And here is the real deal. I provide Stickman figure sprites and artwork!!! As the title says, my workshop is named "My little Stickman can't be this cute!"...
  2. phamtruong1992

    RPG Maker MV doesn't respond at startup

    It'd worked just fine before but ever since I installed an app to convert music files called VSDC Free audio converter 2 days ago, my MV won't start. It just shows the logo, then the whole editor is totally blank and there is "Not responding" on the top. The problem is, now even I've uninstalled...
  3. phamtruong1992

    Comic time: Adventure of the Imp King

    This was a single picture I made and gifted to my friend long ago. And incidentally I met this again yesterday and decided to turn it into something else. I'd created 2 more pages but somehow ended up with a few more pages and we can now call it a comic? Lol, anyway, you are about to...
  4. phamtruong1992

    [Bug] Updating from 1.4.1 to 1.5.1 getting errors

    I updated the desktop version of Yanfly too, and still getting these errors. Haven't touched mv for ages though, and today's morning I updated straight from 1.4 to 1.5.1 and things gone pretty bad. I guess it's because i had not have updated the 1.5.0 version first, so that's why the unknown...
  5. phamtruong1992

    Free Faceset

    Anime style but i done it in 3d way. Most are unfinished but i think it's good enough to use. They are quite big cuz my game is with high resolution, so you might need to resize them. If you use them in your game then just credit me. (By the way how could i change my name guys?)
  6. phamtruong1992

    Little gift for Galv

    I noticed that he has used his avatar for a long time, and the art isn't too great. (At least i think so :elswt:) So i just spent half an hour to draw you this. Because i draw with mouse so my hand gets tired quick, therefore there still has particles left, sorry for my laziness:blush:. And i...
  7. phamtruong1992

    Warning: My art is random.

    Here is some that drew for my little sister, aren't them cute? :kiss: Leave a comment to express your thoughts tho. Thanks in advance :kaoluv: After i showed her these, she didn't like it at all and yelled at me?!? :kaocry: I wonder why because i think they are pretty decent...
  8. phamtruong1992

    Issue with large sprites

    My character's sprites are much bigger (x3 as the attached picture below) than default sprites. I set it as 144x3 and 144x4 and did try with some simple arts first but it didnt work. So could you guys tell me why that is and what trouble would get me into if my sprites are that large? And yeah...
  9. phamtruong1992

    How to make large character sprite sheet?

    Double post, pls delete this thread.
  10. phamtruong1992

    Help with MV - Something related to Battle and Luna engine.

    Sorry to be out of topic but i'm having a problem: /C:/Users/Mr%20John/Documents/Games/Project2/js/plugins/YED_LunaEngine.js:1132 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'GUIBase' of undefined   rpg_managers.js:1618 TypeError: Cannot read property 'contains' of undefined     at...

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