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  1. DragonRose35

    [Solved (More or Less)]

    Alright, so... this one might be a little bit complicated. And I am well-aware it may not be possible. However, I am looking to create a system inside my game where the player character can change their party when they access a crystal. Obviously, this would only count for party members that...
  2. DragonRose35

    [Solved] Yanfly's Message Plugins

    So, hello there...~ Heh... I am back, and this time with a question not for skills, but a plugin. I found this one on my own, thankfully, but unfortunately... I can't figure out how to get it to work. I need the plugins only to expand the number of choices in my game for a certain thing...
  3. DragonRose35

    Seeking Help With Figuring Out How To Order Skills...

    ...without having to rearrange them completely in the skill database? And what I mean by this is... Having skills- -show up in a completely custom order that isn't at all the order set in the database. Any ideas? ~ Dragon
  4. DragonRose35

    Seeking Help With Weapon Upgrading

    So... this one is going to be a bit different, as far as asking for help. See, in my game, I am trying to create a system where I can upgrade current weapons to make them stronger. I technically already know what I'm doing, though I may be doing things far more complicated than need be...
  5. DragonRose35

    [Solved] Sacrifice Skill

    I... am so very sorry for all these threads asking for help with skills... hehe...~ Anyway, this one I think is... rather simple, compared to the others. All I would like help with is to figure out how to make a skill where a character can sacrifice his life for a specific character. Otherwise...
  6. DragonRose35

    [Solved] Damage Skill That Also Heals

    Just like the title says. If I wanted to create a skill that did damage to enemies, I know how to do that, of course. But if I wanted to create a skill that damaged enemies and healed all allies for a percentage of their health, how would I do this? Thank you~ ~ Dragon
  7. DragonRose35

    [Solved] Critical Health Damage Skill

    *one last time* And lastly, there is an attack called "Last Stand" that I would like to be able to implement that deals high damage when in a critical state of health. Though whether I would like this to be passive or not is yet undetermined. Thank you so much, again, and I hope to get these...
  8. DragonRose35

    [Solved] Magic Depleting Heavy Attacks

    *copies & pastes again* Two more that are very similar to each other, are high damage attacks that I would like to have expend all magic points to use. Like how in FF XII using a quickening or summon depletes all of your magic as well. I may end up needing to create level tiers for these...
  9. DragonRose35

    [Solved~!] Passive Leech Health Skill

    *copies & pastes information* Another skill is something called "Soul Eater" and what I hope to do for this one that I have no idea how to accomplish, is for the user to heal 50% of their health on kill of an enemy. But in truth, I would like to figure out how to make this a passive ability...
  10. DragonRose35

    [Solved (More or Less)] Skill That Deals Recoil Damage

    As per recommendation, I have decided to make separate threads for each skill type. *decides to copy & paste* I have a skill a character uses called "Leap of Faith" that is a 50% success rate that deals double damage. That is as far as I have gotten, however, because what I want for it is to...
  11. DragonRose35

    Seeking Help With Unique Skill Abilities...

    So, first off, I would like to thank you if you're taking the time to read this. Second, I am not quite new to the RPG Maker World, however, I am new as far as taking my game past simple measures. Currently I am trying to develop a unique skill-set without using complicated measures that I...

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