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  1. KawasakiNinja

    [solved] YEP Shop Menu Core Comparison Window

    Not showing all party members in the comparison window, and layout of stats on individual character comparison doesn't look like Yanfly's example. I have VE engine in, but even if I turn that off it doesn't change anything. I do have the latest version (1.05). Help? Yanfly's Video (for...
  2. KawasakiNinja

    Another Dual Wield Request

    Looking for a Dual Wield script, or help modifying one [VE Dual Wield], that is free for commercial, and shows two attacks without the character returning to their place and stepping forward again between attacks, and compatible with YEP. Or a way to accomplish this with YEP Action Sequences for...
  3. KawasakiNinja

    Secret Passage Script

    Resource Type: Script Maker Format: MV Art Style: N/A Description: Trying to find a script that works and is free for commercial use. Want to be able to pass under a normally impassable tile (with regions would be nice). SecretPassage.js by mykrme...
  4. KawasakiNinja

    Eisele's Pets

    Resource Type: Characters and Battlers (and faces & busts, too, but less important) Maker Format: MV Art Style: Cover Art Character Pack Description: Eisele (Package1_5) has 3 pets in their picture/bust, but I've not seen sprites for them anywhere. Seems odd to use their bust when I can't...
  5. KawasakiNinja

    .txt files in DLC

    Not sure where else to ask this. In my DLC folder there's "RPGmakerWeb_plugins" and a .txt file "『RPGツクールMV プラグイン集』使用条件" that when I open it doesn't display what I assume is supposed to be Japanese. Help? I've installed the Japanese language windows 10 pack. Didn't make a difference. I'd like...
  6. KawasakiNinja

    Cover Art Character Emotions (Faces) & Pictures

    Resource Type: Pictures (Busts) Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV Cover Art Character Pack Description: I was wondering if anyone had more pictures/busts of the Cover Art Characters? I've seen one with Aldo grabbing his dagger on deviant art (and google image searching), but that's all. (Edit...

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