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  1. Boonty

    [Solved]Window Transparency with MOG_Background

    Hello guys, I have got another minor issue that I would like to submit to you. I use MOG_Menu Background and SRD_AltMenuScreen_IconCycle plugins to create my menu. Here are the links : My problem is...
  2. Boonty

    Adaptable Skills Window in Battle

    Hello to all of you, I am trying to create a skills window in battle with one column (instead of the standard two) and with a height depending on the number of skills the user have. So I created this little .js It worked for the number of colums but not for the height. My knowledge is quite...

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other devs: *carefully plan the battle balance (with actual calculation in sheet)* | Me: *randomly throws numbers and skills to see which works*
Yay! Sick again! ....wait.
So, apparently I wasn't banned from RMN for the reason I thought. It ended up being some sort of misunderstanding in which someone made an alt pretending to be me (probably my little brother or one of my friends from school) without knowing the rules which got me banned. It had nothing to do with the whole political statement I made on my status.
Stream will be live shortly! Going to stream The Witcher 3, and then it will be the DEBUT of my Portal Playthrough! Feel free to drop by!
I been rather busy lately with non RM projects so, it will take some time for me to release something.

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