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  1. EliteFerrex

    Disable Access to Items

    Hello, everyone. I'm looking to find a way to disable access to using items during specific battles, either by applying a State to a character, or by temporarily disabling access to the command, or temporarily removing all items from the player's inventory, or however it has to be done. I've...
  2. EliteFerrex

    Android Deployment Issues

    Alright, I know there are a plethora of threads about this already with various issues, but I'm going to post mine in hopes that someone might be able to help. I followed the instructions on, and had all of the...
  3. EliteFerrex

    Battle BGM/Battleback Problems

    Hello, everyone. I'm having difficulty trying to make sure my battle BGMs and Battle Backs work correctly once the player has access to the Ship, because I don't want the wrong Battle Back or BGM playing in the wrong area of the world map. Before the player had the Ship, I simply controlled...
  4. EliteFerrex

    Directional Facing Enemy Challenge (SOLVED)

    I have a question about trying to make a little challenge for a room in a dungeon. I have an orc who sits in the middle of the room, looking up and down, trying to spot the player as he/she hops by. (See image below) If the player is standing on the spaces above or below the Orc when he...
  5. EliteFerrex

    Passive BATTLE-ONLY States

    Hello, everyone. I had a question regarding making a weapon that has a passive HP degeneration percentage, but only inside of battle. By default, if I give the weapon a passive -3% HP Regeneration, it affects the wielder both in and outside of battle (not what I want). Using the YEP...
  6. EliteFerrex

    Beam and Sword Animations Assets!

    My brother Kaz put together some great animations assets for RPG Maker MV! Feel free to use these in your projects (free or commercialized), but provide credit to Ryugi Kazamaru! (Also, maybe send him a nice "Thank you!" on Skype, under the same name!) The list so far: Energy...
  7. EliteFerrex

    Confusion State Error

    So, as you can see in the first screenshot, this here Dragon is currently afflicted by the Confusion State, which causes the restriction "attack anyone". However, as soon as it becomes the Dragon's turn, I get the error in the second screenshot. Not sure what's happening here. I've...
  8. EliteFerrex

    icon48,144,etc. not Found Exporting to Android

    Hello, everyone. I've been trying to export a sample apk to test the android functionality of the game I've started, and have followed all the instructions for setting everything up. However, I'm receiving an error message in command prompt when attempting to run the command to create the .apk...

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