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  1. M3shyS

    UK Copyright Registration

    Hello members, This thread is only targetted for those who are located in the UK, or have expertise from a UK standpoint. I'm planning on releasing a game and wondering shall I get my works registered? By registered, I always think of it as the company keeps a record of it and it is archieved...
  2. M3shyS

    Falco Mmorpg Alchemy System - 640 x 480?

    Hello there,  I'm using Falco's MMORPG Alchemy system: Link to script: Image of problem: As you can see, the resolution is trapped at 544 x 416 when my game size is 640 x 480, and looking at the script for 10 min+ I still don't know how to make it 640 x 480...
  3. M3shyS

    What are these Scripts called?

    Hey,   I'm sure you all have heard of/played the 'Last Dream' made by White Giant RPG Studios ( they're awesome right?) I want a script that does the same feature there multi-choice options of easy,medium hard etc.. ( I know how to achieve harder game difficulty) but I want a selection screen...

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