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  1. Raggon

    Back Button as an image Help Please

    hi im using advanced Menu Plugin and im trying to change this code to show an image.The code Below works to show the Text i wrote in the plugin Cancel. // add "Back..." menu on top: this._statusWindowBackButton = new Window_StatusBackButton( Graphics.width - 240, 0)...
  2. Raggon

    Rpg MV Leaders Score Board [Request]

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or make this plugin? how would you store a score board on a website Database for example mysql and show users scores on there? it would probably be exporting a score from variable X onto the WWW into a txt file? php file? Any Help or advice would be...
  3. Raggon

    Failed to load image - Solution or work around

    I started searching months ago for a solution. I couldnt find one so here it is. I was using Moghunters awesome party mod but could never get it to work on mobile because it said Failed to load Image [X] even when i changed the name of the image to in this case MPMeter.png . Solution I went...
  4. Raggon

    Please Help with setting a pick up Event

    its not working . Script is supposed to show the else when its greater than or equal to 40 but thats not happening. i set up another event to say that shards found was 40 to test . thats when else is supposed to be active right? its not what happens though. im not sure what is going wrong? I...

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