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  1. LxCharon

    Member+ resources

    So I keep seeing references in older posts about Member+ special resources. Excited as I am for new resources (and from some of my favorite artists) I go to sign up for Member+, only to find out that it is no longer a thing. My questions is, are these resources now completely unattainable for...
  2. LxCharon

    Favorite Video Game Design Learning Sources

    Being as most of us are game designers here I was wondering what sources you use to learn about video game design? I mostly use Youtube, but I do read a number of articles as well. Do you try to learn about game design or do you just wing it? I'm so very interested not only in creating games...
  3. LxCharon

    Favorite level design or mapping in a video game

    What video game has your favorite level design or maps? Is it the layered dungeons of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? Or do you the love the sprawling fields of Final Fantasy XV? Does the asymmetric levels of Overwatch tickle your fancy? Or the colorful, and puzzle heavy dungeons of Golden Sun...
  4. LxCharon

    Vestige of Umbra

    Vestige of Umbra A fog hangs over the lake, heavy and ominous, suffocating the water surface. Trees dipped low, weighed down by the intentions of the evening sky. The frigid water bit at her ankles as she stepped, slowly, steadily, into the lake. Her last piece of clothing finally abandoned...
  5. LxCharon

    The Fine Art of Instant Gratification

    I was looking for opinions on instant vs delayed gratification when it comes to rewarding players.  While making the systems for my game I realized that I was relying very heavily on delayed rather than instant rewards. Such as much of my game takes place in a hogwarts-esque school for magic...
  6. LxCharon


    Hey! I've been lurking around for a while, looking for tips and help with my games, but I thought it was time to finally introduce myself (especially being as I just finished my game Demo) I'm CharonDragon (or LxCharon on some sites) most people just call me Charon. Call me whatever (just not...
  7. LxCharon

    Help with tints not working

    Okay, I've worn out google trying to find a solution, unfortunately most google searches for tint issues just bring up people asking how to add tints. I've made it most of the way through my demo and started to play it through from the beginning, when I realized none of my tints are working...

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