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  1. HatJump

    FREE [HELP WANTED - All Positions] Chronicles of Orbis: Within These Walls

    I would be interested in doing the music :) sent a sample through. So far I've mainly done Western orchestral sounding stuff, but Eastern sounding would be interesting to look in to and work on for sure. Let me know what you think anyway B)
  2. HatJump

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    This works in terms of the formula and the effect, thanks! I also wanted it to not display any healed amount when the talent was disabled, as it currently shows a 0 every time with that formula. I changed it as follows and it now only displays a heal amount once the talent is active...
  3. HatJump

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Hello all, I have a question about a healing talent that I'm trying to implement: I want to have it so that the healer receives a % of health back relative to what he heals. ie. heals for 100 on ally, gets healed for 25 himself. I've got formulas that do this: Any help would be much...
  4. HatJump

    Yanfly Target Core/Row Formation help.

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a skill which hits all enemies on the nearest enemy row <Target: Front Enemy Row> for an initial amount of damage a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 , but which then hits the next nearest row for somewhat less damage (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2) /2 . Does anyone know how I would go...
  5. HatJump

    Aspiring Composer

    Aspiring Composer
  6. HatJump

    FREE Lost Lineage (UPDATED 03/30/18)

    Hi there. I'm a composer and looking for a project to get involved with. (In particular please check out Into Barren Lands, Dusklight Duel, Depth of Sorrow and Locomotiman Stage) I've recently got some new software for writing so my older stuff sounds...
  7. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    @HeroTheWorldCreator I can give it a whirl! Perhaps I'll focus on the idea of a mysterious sense of wonder?
  8. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    @HeroTheWorldCreator I'm glad you like it! It was serious fun to write :D  If you have any more requests do go ahead and throw them my way - I wouldn't mind something that isn't a battle theme at the moment though!
  9. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    @NeoFantasy It's done! I tried to make the music emotive, but sound determined and driven. Hopefully this is vaguely what you had in mind! I've put all the finished tracks up at the top of the post so they're easier to find.
  10. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    @HeroTheWorldCreator So I'm hoping this is roughly what you had in mind - in stead of actually changing the speed of the music I just made the texture 'busier', which usually gives the same effect and helps to loop things overall. Let me know if you think it's fit for purpose anyway! I...
  11. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    @HeroTheWorldCreator Hi! Sounds pretty interesting - I'll give it a go! :) Haven't done creepy/despair music yet, so that'll be a fun one :D
  12. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    @NeoFantasy Hey! Thank you :)  there are plenty that didn't turn out quite so well :P Sure thing - boss battles tend to take a bit longer, but I should have a chance to work on it over the weekend. I shall keep you posted :)
  13. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    It's done! Hopefully you should be able to download it directly from soundcloud, but if not I can do a dropbox or something.
  14. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    Just an update Noctis - track is nearly done :)  just gotta sort out the drum track and it'll be ready to go!
  15. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    Sure thing :)  hadn't heard any music from FFXV yet, but I particularly like the night battle track. Would this be your general battle theme?
  16. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    Hello all! I have been writing a few tracks for a game that I've been working on, and am looking to buff out my portfolio of works. It's great experience to write a large number of pieces, and I particularly enjoy writing while having a pre-existing restriction, eg. instruments, style, mood...
  17. HatJump

    Bind Pictures To Map

    Hi all, I'm trying to use this plugin to have moving windmill arms on my windmills, which are in fixed locations in my town. Is it possible to have an image rotate while being fixed to the map? I have tried show picture>rotate>fix to map as well as show picture>fix to map>rotate and neither...
  18. HatJump

    Absorption Barrier Plugin

    Shaz - Thanks for doing that. Sorry, I'm a noob :) Luxanna - It worked! Thanks :D
  19. HatJump

    Absorption Barrier Plugin

    Hi all, I'm attempting to make a skill that grants the target 20% of their max hp as a shield whenever it is cast using Yanfly's Absorption Barrier plugin. Since I know nothing about Java and there isn't a single basic terminology guide I can find anywhere, I don't actually know what the...
  20. HatJump

    HoT which heals on removal

    Hello all, I'm currently working on a healer character, and I wanted one of the skills to put a regeneration buff on an ally that gives them regeneration, with a burst heal when the state expires. eg. State lasts 3 turns, 1st 2nd and 3rd turns heals 2% of max health, then heals for 20% hp...

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