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    LTN Game's Plugins | Free & Premium Plugins

    Yea, it was my first panic attack, it happened the night before my grandmothers funeral, very scary stuff. Thanks for chiming in, I appreciate it, and no worries I’ll take care of myself and make sure I take it easy as I get back into coding this week.
  2. LTN Games

    LTN Game's Plugins | Free & Premium Plugins

    For those wondering what is up with the Chapter Select and Dynamic Title plugin (and any future updates/plugins), I stopped doing all coding for the last week to chill out as recently my Grandmother passed and I had a panic attack. So I figured a small break from everything would do me justice...
  3. LTN Games

    Is there a way to call this Garbage Collector in-game?

    There is no way of calling the garbage collector in JavaScript unfortunately and its recommended to find out why the lag is happening to begin with. If you can find out the issue with lag then you should be able to fix it. It sounds like a possible memory leak, so your best option would be to do...
  4. LTN Games

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    Unfortunately there is no function equalsIgnoreCase() in Javascript( only in Java), but that don't mean you can't make it yourself. You could put this in rpg_core.js or as a seperate plugin file and then you can use it anywhere in your game. String.prototype.equalsIgnoreCase = function...
  5. LTN Games

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    @MrNybbles All good things to know about as a developer, for sure, although I really could care less about the pixi hello message but I also generally only code and never released a game yet for me to care about it enough yet lol. Another good one I tend to use, although not always necessary in...
  6. LTN Games

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    1. The way to make sure images used in plugins are not excluded is to setup the parameters correctly, this is explained the in the Help documentation of the editor. 2. You should not have any issues with obfuscation after the game is deployed, but if you do it while developing it, every time...
  7. LTN Games

    Kino - Slow Text

    ' Duplicate? That would be stealing and its not a duplicate it just has similar functionality. You can't manipulate the thread dates, I just tried with my own thread, the only thing I can change is the title, add a poll or edit the message body. I can only guess why people are suddenly...
  8. LTN Games

    Question about incorporating the Community_Basic.js code

    The RM CoreScript team is the team on GitHub who contribute to fixing the core scripts for RPG Maker. I'm pretty sure its an official unofficial team. It was the work from this team that created the open source CommunityBasic plugin. You can have a look at the repository here...
  9. LTN Games

    More than 999 maps in a project

    @Emz0 if you were going to rebuild then it would be best to take a different approach and fit several maps into 1 map. So it's only a problem if you insist on creating maps with only 1 area. Those 1600 maps could easily become 800 if you merge 2 into 1, and could drop that # further if you put 3...
  10. LTN Games

    Cannot see images

    This has happened to me a few times but not enough to warrant a post. I assumed it was just a bad page load and a refresh fixes it. Again though, it has not happened a lot for me. I'm surprised to see so many have this issue, I'll be following this post to see if anyone has a solution.
  11. LTN Games

    Why the rules of this forum are NAZIest !?

    Andar nailed it, not much more needs to be said. I've been here since late 2014 and respect those core rules due to how clean it keeps the forums. You'd be surprised how often someone will double, triple and even quadruple post one after another. The necroposting makes sense for support...
  12. LTN Games

    LTN Game's Plugins | Free & Premium Plugins

    @cirdian That is great to hear! I hope things are running stable for you and if you find any bugs or have an idea for a minor addition, please let me know.
  13. LTN Games

    LTN Game's Plugins | Free & Premium Plugins

    Ok, so I have yet to finish Chapter Select, I'm still waiting for possible bug reports and feature ideas. So, in the meantime I started a new FREE plugin, this one is called Dynamic Title and it won the votes by @HawkZombie 's community. I have a demo project and plugin ready for testing if...
  14. LTN Games

    Plugin Parameters: boolean / eval

    My very first suggestion seems to have been missed, it may be because it was not in a code box but only bold text instead. Anyway, using JSON.parse() still turns a string into a boolean and there is no need for all the extra fancy code the last few people offered, even if your plugin has few...
  15. LTN Games

    Plugin Parameters: boolean / eval

    Yea you can freely use it, its a slightly adapted version that @waynee95 showed me a year or so ago, but he's allowed free use of that function. Okay so basically the function will "loop" through each parameter it does this by using a method called a recursive function. I don't want to go into...
  16. LTN Games

    Plugin Parameters: boolean / eval

    You can use JSON.parse(Eli.Parameters['Cancel Two Fingers']) I personally recommend using JSON.parse on the entire set of parameters so you don't have to do any conversion. I use this method for all my plugins function convertParameters (parameters) { function parseParameters (string) {...
  17. LTN Games

    Actor Item Stash

    You can achieve this with common events and parallel processing by checking if an item is equipped to an actor. If the actor has it equipped you can call one of the plugin commands or script calls provided in the help file of the plugin which allow you to set the max actor stash. Anyway, I'm...
  18. LTN Games

    LTN Game's Plugins | Free & Premium Plugins

    Hey everyone I'm back again with another update! This time I have a new plugin in the works and its FREE! This plugin provides the user the option of creating chapters for their game. Each chapter will allow you to reset and setup switches and variables which allow the player to re-play key...
  19. LTN Games

    LTN Game's Plugins | Free & Premium Plugins

    Another update to the endless runner, which means I will finally have time to work on other plugins. Endless Runner is not 100% complete yet, I have a few minor additions I want to add before I call it, but its very close. If you want to read the latest dev log, you can check it out here...
  20. LTN Games

    Interrupt System Sleep Cycle (REQUEST WITHDRAWN)

    I mean I'm not surprised, it seems like a far fetched method for Javascript just because its so invasive and stopping the user from putting PC to sleep seems more like a malware than anything lol. That being said you may need to approach a solution from a different angle, how about pausing your...

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