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  1. Dankovsky

    Increase Enemy Parameters during battle (script call)

    Hi. I would like to create a script that works sort of like this: [All Troop Enemies ATK Param] += Math.max((Math.round(0,1*[This Enemy ATK Param])), ([This Enemy ATK Param]+1)); (basically what I want is to permanently increase all enemy ATK value by 10% each turn in battle, during battle...
  2. Dankovsky

    Confused about DLC, license & prices at Summer Sale

    It's a happy time of Steam Summer Sale time and I'm planning to spend a ton on RPGM DLC's. I know this has been discussed many many times, however I feel the matter still stands unresolved. The question is - can we be 100% sure that any DLC pack we purchase for Ace (which one owns) we can...
  3. Dankovsky

    Request: Enemy Visual Mana/TP Gauge Plugin

    Hey. I'm looking to implement a more strategic approach to enemy design where enemies are forced to rely on resources like mana just like the player characters are. To make it more interesting and obvious to the player, a great addition would be to have a visible mana bar for enemies. I'm a...
  4. Dankovsky

    RPG Maker Games with great maps?

    Hey. RPG Maker has a LONG history. There probably are more games made with RPG Maker than actually released commercial JRPGs. I'm currently trying to become a better mapper and I think one of the best ways to do this is to study great maps from other games. I've already explored the maps from...
  5. Dankovsky

    Request: Working Auto-Battle Plugin

    Hello good folks who know JavaScript, Combat should never be designed as boring filler, but even the most fascinating combat can feel stale after hundreds of battles. That's why great games like 3DS's Bravely Default provide an option to automate basic combat encounters. There has been several...
  6. Dankovsky

    [Yanfly Enemy Levels] Enemies Ignore Notetag Settings? (Solved)

    I have Yanfly's Enemy Levels and I try to limit how enemies scale with player levels. I use Type 3 level scaling (average level of all actors in battle) and Postive Level Fluctuation at 0. I also use enemy parameters plugin. Test: In plugin settings, I set positive level fluctuation at 0. My...
  7. Dankovsky

    Designing a game with full restoration after each battle

    ...Sorry for the long title. Couldn't figure out how to word it better. Anyway, I've been a long time player of western RPGs until lately when I started to use RPG Maker and decided to play the most notorious JRPG titles. One of the things that shocked me was the standard gameplay combat loop...
  8. Dankovsky

    Plugin Translation Efforts?

    There are a lot of plugins that were made by users unfamiliar with english language with their documentation written in other languages. Now, it's unreasonable to ask the authors to translate their plugins, but this makes them extremely hard to use and understand for the general english speaking...
  9. Dankovsky

    Hiring Artists for Your Commercial Games

    Hi there. I'm in a process of developing my first commercial game and I already understand I'll have to comission a lot of different art. However, I've never worked with artists or commisioned art before, so I'm very lost here. I'm sure some of my questions are very basic, but do understand...
  10. Dankovsky

    Targeting Random Alive Actor in Battle

    Hey there. I have a common event that often triggers during battle and applies a state to a random alive actor in player's party. I've been struggling to make it target a random alive party battle member, since there can be any amount of party members from 1 to 4 in the party, and any of them...
  11. Dankovsky

    Battle Escape Customize

    Hi. Would love to request a simple but very useful plugin. In my game escape mechanic is pretty important and I would love to have more control over it. However no plugin currently allows to customize it fully and easily. Features I'd love to have: - Adjust party escape chance for each enemy...
  12. Dankovsky

    Plugin Searching Help (Various)

    Hello! I'm a new RPG maker, just getting to know the system and browsing existing plugins. I couldn't find a thread to ask for simple requests to find existing plugins so I had to make my own. I'd like to request some help from the more experienced users to find the plugins that could do the...

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