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  1. Skurge

    YED sideview conditional extension request.

    Hello everyone, I've been doing some research into Yanfly's sideview plugin and come to the realization that I cannot process different immersive sprite sheets of party members wielding varying weapons with there own animation configuration in there note tags. REFERENCE PLUGIN...
  2. Skurge

    Slight issue configuring YEP Side view battler

    I have run into a small issue which I didn't foresee developing my project regarding the use of the YEP side view battler with multiple weapon graphics. Simply put I have a common event that has party members change there graphic depending on what weapon they are holding which works fantastic...
  3. Skurge

    Problem with death with YEP action sequences.

    Hello I wanted to turn here for help regarding something that seems to either be a bug with the YEP Action sequence packs. In particular action sequence 1 The desired result I am after is if an enemy or party member is killed during an action sequence they are to drop dead and cancel out the...
  4. Skurge

    Battle conditions and entire death of enemy party.

    Hi everyone, I'm stuck with a small problem with the battle conditions tab, I'm having a hard time understanding conditions. For some reason if I assign a particular enemy to be 0hp or below the desired outcome does not work. My experiment is to have this armored car overlapping enemy...
  5. Skurge

    YEP Light cycle event.

    Hello- I can't figure out a way around this but I'm wanting an even using Yanfly's lighting plugins to cycle light colours to simulate a police siren. So far I have for my experiment I have a car with 3 pages each operated by a switch and each with [red] [white] [blue] using comments. What I...
  6. Skurge

    Galv detect conditional branch with galv spawned events*

    Hi- I need help with a conditional branch and identification with events spawned from the galv event spawner and the galv event detectors. event spawner plugin; event detector plugin...
  7. Skurge

    GALV spawn event- self spawn on locality x,y position.

    Hello! I'm experimenting with Galv's spawn event plugin again- unfortunately according to some sources even from his website he has not got the time to help with each individual case, mines a simple request for assistance. From what I understand the plugin only allows events to be spawned on...
  8. Skurge

    Skill immunity=back to commands

    Hello- I'm not 100% sure about this particular instance but I wanted to make a unique enemy that attacks from a window in the background- but is also immune to melee attacks and certain skills indefinitely. I can't find anything in the enemy traits tab that specifies pure immunity for a...
  9. Skurge

    YEP sideview battler version compatiability issue.

    For reasons unknown this plugin doesn't seem to want to work with versions higher than v1.5.2 and is making unstable compatibility issues such as images randomly being unable to locate within there own folders, sometimes frames not displaying properly and moving towards the right side of the...
  10. Skurge

    Overworld music track.

    Hello, I'm not sure if there is one already made because I can't find any on various searches I've done but I am after a plugin that can help make my life easier when it comes to overworld music. I want the project to be able to cycle through a variety of music but when a track is finished a...
  11. Skurge

    MV Font Image resource request.

    Hello, I've been meaning to move onto character dialogue and something kind of bugs me with the plugins and scripts that allow you to customize icons, name captions and text colours that can sometimes upset the text box option. I wish to experiment by adding the names of the characters...
  12. Skurge

    Multible vehicles plugins?

    The master plugin website is down or non existent anymore. Do we have any plugins for MV that allow you to have more boats/ships/airships? (Sorry moderation-accidentally posted in the wrong forum)
  13. Skurge

    Issue with Yanfly Animated enemy plugin.

    Hello- I recently stumbled upon something that bothers me a little with the plugin concerning the escape execution for side view enemies. From how I see it this plugin essentially gives the enemy graphic the same fit out as the party member- however escape behaves very differently- instead of...
  14. Skurge

    Incombat Message popups.

    Hello, I've searched around and could not find a plugin that allowed in combat passive conversation. To be more specific I want party members and enemies make humorous/combat related comments regarding the situation they are in. Here is an spoof image I've made up to show an example...
  15. Skurge

    Channeling/Preparing next ability.

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble making a skill an enemy can perform and an item that uses the same effect for the player. It's basically just a Molotov cocktail ability, it applies a burn effect which damages targets HP more effectively than poison damage. However I want the ability to first take...
  16. Skurge

    Events won't stop harrasing me into combat.

    I have an event thats handling battle encounters, when I issue the escape handler I command the event to wait but the event won't leave me the hell alone and keeps engaging me in combat. How can I stop this event from doing its command again.
  17. Skurge

    Enemy/Event Followers

    Hello everyone, I have a request to make on the forum due to not finding many relevant searches to what I am after. We all know that MV has the inbuilt ability to have party members follow the 1st party member like a caterpillar. I want to see if I can make this possible to have an event/s...
  18. Skurge

    What is this sound effect/instrument called?

    I hear this awesome sound effect in alot of films and games most notionally Golden eye or perfect dark but I never found out what the sound is called? It sounds like some sort of pipe and it's VERY effective for futuristic/spy facility lab etc settings. I wonder if anyone here knows what it...
  19. Skurge

    Character graphic/weapon assigned querie

    Hello, I'm interested to know how I can give my party members multiple battler animations dependent on the weapon they are wielding. Typically for side view battlers we can simply assign a weapon graphic but for me this won't be satisfactory because in which the weapon type will not be suitable...
  20. Skurge

    Region reflection request

    Hello everyone, I've made a request on this subject before but the project went downhill and the member who was helping me has disappeared what seems to be indefinitely by the looks of it. I'm looking for a plugin that can project the event's graphic adjacent to them via region tiles. For...

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