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    Dragonbones Uncaught error

    I seem to have set everything up right. Player is animating in idle. But the attack motion executes as it should with an error occurring mid animation. Does the error make any sense to anyone as to help hunt down the issue? Also, this occurs in the dragonbones demo found here...
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    Olivia OTB and Dragoon Jump possible?

    I am converting into Olivia's OTB system and I had yanfly's dragoon jump ability set up prior. It currently does not work as it should for reasons beyond my skill level. I am unsure if it should be modified or redesigned from scratch for this new system. Can anyone help? here's the current Jump...
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    2 party system with guests thoughts?

    I am wondering how most players may feel about a battle system with 2 main characters to build and grow without any other permanent memebers. There will be recurring guest memebers that fill the party but it will always be story or quest related. My fear is it may be dissapointing to some or a...
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    Random "height" of undefined error help?

    I keep randomly getting this after a few battles in my game. I am not familiar with the console so was hoping someone can steer me on tracking down the problem here.
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    Sprite color count and MV question

    Not sure exactly where to post this. I've been doing some research into spriting and started doing some battle sprites for MV. I was wondering about the relevance of color count in a particular sprite sheet when it comes to rpg maker mv. I know professional spriters work with a limited color...
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    AV actor spacing help

    I am using yanfly battle engine which allows me to designate the entire party's x and y but I can't figure out how to add a little more spacing on the x axis for each member. my party battlers are custom art and they're slightly taller and overlap each other a bit too much. if they can spread...
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    Hide Yanfly Party Limit Gauge at battle end

    I'm unfamiliar with javascript so I was hoping to get some help designing a base troop event so that yanflys party limit gauge hides upon killing last enemy. I'm using a custom victory scene which still shows the party limit gauge on screen while everything else disappears. I need that gauge to...
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    yanfly action sequence multiple damage formulas

    I was hoping to get some help designing a skill that will basically be a normal weapon attack using the weapons animation but in the action sequence I want to add a magic elemental burst with a custom damage formula different from what set in the skill. I am using yanfly's action sequence...
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    How to make dragoon "jump " ability?

    I have been using yanfly's tips and tricks to make your average Jump ability. It involves forced actions. But with his stb system, forced actions don't function properly and bugs the battle to never end. Is there any alternate methods to creating a jump ability? Specificaly, an ability that...
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    EventChaseStealth stealth mode breaks

    I am trying to implement on map encounters. I have an invisibility potion that activates stealth mode to avoid enemies, but I still want to be able to activate certain events like treasure chests or interact with npcs while in stealth. Problem is it breaks stealth mode each time I interact with...
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    character selection in menu background help

    *edited with links since images aren't appearing. In above images or links I'm using my own background images for the menu...
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    SRD's pop ups with "enfire" code by yanfly help.

    I am now using SRD's pop up customizer which changes how pop ups are handled. It's a much better fit for my game but one important aspect isn't working wit it. Yanfly's "enfire" tips and tricks code fails to display any damage even though damage is visibly processed. I have no knowledge about...
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    Animation when taking damage?

    Is there an easy way to set up an animation to play on my actor when taking any damage including 0 damage? I want to recreate the effect made by yanflys barrier absorption where an animation will play if an actor takes damage while having barrier points. I'd like to create a state like protect...
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    in battle job points pop ups?

    Is there an easy way to make it so Yanfly's JP could be set to pop up in battle in real time as players take actions? Similar to how final fantasy tactics actions showed how much jp was gained after every action?
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    For the Treasure's Resources

    I decided to contribute some of the custom SV enemies I made for my game to the community as a thanks to the many generous and talented artists who's resources I am using. It's not much at the moment but I will try and provide what I think others can also use. These are free for non-commercial...
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    change battler color with state?

    I was wondering if anyone knew a plugin aside from yanfly's state animations plugin that can add an overall color to actors in battle when inflicted with certain states? Moghunter has a recommended plugins video which shows a plugin by triacontane that seems to be what I want but the site is in...
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    Parameter percentages variation

    I was wondering how to set certain parameters like element rates to display percentages differently. Usually as rates increase they reflect positive changes but for element rates, positive changes for the characters require the percentage to get lower. I have global settings to display low...
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    Yanfly's main menu variables help

    I am very unfamiliar with variables so forgive me, but I can't seem to get this plugin to work. I want one of my items "common loot" to be one of the variables shown in the menu. I have it set up like the...
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    Yanfly Dragoon Jump and STB help

    It seems that the dragoon jump from yanfly's tips and tricks won't work with the new STB system. I was using dtb and it worked perfectly, but now with stb it causes the battle not to end when the skill is used. I have no idea how to work around it or attempt to fix it. Was hoping to see if...
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    RMMV For the Treasure

    DEMO: Link VIDEOS: Auggie and Low are simple treasure hunters who have just traveled to a new region in search of fortune. They planned for everything to be business as usual but things seldom work normally for this unusual duo. Through unfortunate side trips, side tracks, brick walls and...

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