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  1. How to sell magic/skills in a shop

    How can I sell fire or ice skills in a shop?
  2. make character be certain level to be able to do things

    I want to have the ability to require the character to be a certain level in able to access certain conversations. For example: level 0-10 the character cant talk to the fighting guild capt. Once he reaches LVL 11 the capt. will talk to him.
  3. Change region number depending on choice

    I want to have a training arena and I want to be able to change what level monsters come out based on the region. Can I change the region of an area? Say he wants to fight level 5 he selects five and the region with level 5 monsters only replaces the regular region.
  4. dark room/night time per map

    How can I make it so that when I enter a cave for instance the map is a dark tint to simulate it being poorly lit, but when I exit the cave and go back outside it is light again.
  5. Camera follow event

    Awesome, now how do i make the camera go back to the main character after using this script?
  6. Camera follow event

    I am making a cutscene where I need the camera to follow an event instead of sticking right on my character. How can I do this?
  7. Cutscenes

    Oh I think you misunderstood my intentions, I am in no way trying to get a quick route out or anything. I'm just comparing more experienced users ideas and methods against my own.
  8. Cutscenes

    Does anyone have any special way that they make cutscenes that is easier to set up than the rest and easier to use or anything that makes their way stand out?
  9. tankentai scirpt

    Here is the link to the main script. website will translate from jap to english. you have to do to get the scripts is open up the game file and scroll down in the scripts section to where you normally add new scripts and copy those over to...
  10. tankentai scirpt

    I keep getting a "script sideview line 1519 no method error occured undefined method frame max for nilclass. error when using larger monster sprites.
  11. yanfly visual battlers party location

    Ok, next thing, is there a way to like zoom out of the battle arena? like not have it be so close up on everything?
  12. yanfly visual battlers party location

    Hey, I'm using the yanfly visual batters script  Link: and I was wondering, how can I make it so they are facing up and are at the bottom of my screen shown...
  13. Player move after set move route.

     Also, when having this on auto-run instead of action button, my character keeps repeating his action and it makes the other char's action mess up a little too.
  14. Player move after set move route.

    Ok, let me see if this might help explain it a little better. I have an event char that once you bring her something she runs to another part of the room. I need her to pass through my char, continue on her path but also then after she passes through my char i want to be able to control him...
  15. Player move after set move route.

    How can I make my player movable again after using the set move route command on him for a cutscene? 
  16. Movie settings.

    How can I add the ability to exit a movie when its playing?
  17. Party members cut scene

    How can I control other party members in a cutscene? Like I want the main guy to move to the left side of a monster and have the other party member be on the right side.
  18. Deliver people

    HI, I'm trying to deliver a person as a quest. I have everything figured out up until the part where the person leaves my party. I need them to leave my party and then show up on that map as like an NPC type person. I have the remove from party done too. I just need to know how to make the...
  19. yanfly visual battlers party location

    Hmm, I've changed the values of each of these and my player's location hasn't changed. Could you possibly show me which one specifically will change his Y position down a bit more?
  20. yanfly visual battlers party location

    The instructions section only explains the way to change their direction. the script link

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