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  1. aniaaous

    How to intensifier the blur in the battel backgournd

    So i really don't want to use battelbacks i kinda like the blur is there anyway to intensifier it ? like make it stronger ?!
  2. aniaaous

    exporting to android

    hi to all i'm having a very annoying and weird problem when i export to android when i export its says failed to load some files while i have them in the www directory with the same capital later and all ? for those that succeed exporting to android any tip ? did that alredy happen ?
  3. aniaaous

    HELP with in game info

    i kind need help on how to display tips or just random info to the player like "x joind the group " or " you can do x by doing x " i was thinking about making the screen background blury and make the text in blue with a bigger size but i have no idea how to make so your help would be very...
  4. aniaaous


    hi all ! how i'm i supposed to change trp weapons ?! i want to use this
  5. aniaaous

    combat system

    i kind of need help with my combat system so i realy hate battlebacks and i dont want to use them what if i just leave it like this in the screen ? is it okay ? do you recommend anything ?
  6. aniaaous

    background parallax problem

    so its my first attempt to put a parallax background and i have a problem with the image repeating it self is there anyway to fix this without changing the resolution of the image it will get ugly if i make it any higher
  7. aniaaous

    how are you going tonight

    I should be working on my project, but hey, anything distract you when you work to do right? :') how did you end up here anyway? in the rpg maker world .-. ;3
  8. aniaaous

    noob question

    i'm trying to make a quest wall for my project and i just need to ask question! in the event sections is ther any way for the event wich in 2nd page to go back to the first one ?

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