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  1. Super Shy Gamer Girl

    Need help with Yanfly AnimatedSVBattler

    Ok, yet another question. I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong or what I need to adjust in order to get this to work. Now I added the BattleCore plugin, and I have it placed above the AnimatedSVBattler plug in. I am wanting to use one of the actor sprites as the enemy. And after adding the...
  2. Super Shy Gamer Girl

    Trying to make an inventory treasure chest

    I really am new to this, though I got this program last year in January, I didn't explore much cause I wanted to get my characters and sprites fleshed out more and was waiting for GCH to come out with it's MV update that they had promised.....Of course we all saw where that went. But that's a...
  3. Super Shy Gamer Girl

    The trials of being a gaming parent with gamer kids...

    So I was curious as to some of the stories others may have when it comes to their children and games. Mostly from a comical aspect as well as share frustrations if any are there. Or even proud moments of their kids succeeding in a game or learning something new. Such as my son can play the first...
  4. Super Shy Gamer Girl

    Looking for Mapper for Horror esk game

    This is for a non-commercial game (My brother may decide to sell the soundtrack but that's completely all going to him since he's doing all the music.) so there won't be any monetary compensation given as there will be no money made on the game. However all credit will be given where it is due...
  5. Super Shy Gamer Girl

    New to the scene...

    So I'm new to RPG Maker as a whole. I have the trial version of RPG Maker MV (Which I'm loving) and I get to buy the actual product tomorrow. ^.^ I'm thinking that I want to buy it through steam however, though I downloaded the trial from the website itself. Anyone know any pros and cons between...

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