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  1. Misterblack

    RPG Maker VX Ace RTP poses

    I haven't been too active on these forums let alone RPG Maker for quite some time, and I recently wanted to get back into my project. There used to be a bunch of RMVXA rtp sprites with poses. I'm mainly looking for sword swinging hero and enemy sprites for a mini game. I can't seem to find them...
  2. Misterblack

    Monster Catching and Recruitment

    Hello all! in RPG MAKER 2003, Is it possible to make these two items: 1- An item that will allow certain monsters to be caught in certain battles(very similar to a Pokeball) and sent off to a farm to be put in your party from there? 2-An item that helps with chances to catch said monsters...
  3. Misterblack


    I hope this is where these kinds of topics go. So, I'm trying to make an auto-runner (or is it endless runner?) mini game. I'm trying to do this with events. Similar to this, but minus all the platform elements: As this is a mini game I'm looking to make it so the sprite keeps running to the...
  4. Misterblack

    Looking to have a jacket added to my character sprite

    Hello all!  I certainly hope someone on these forums could help me out. I can't draw very well, and I'm looking for someone to edit the sprite i'm using so he has on a brown trenchcoat, much like Columbo or Looker from Pokemon. My main character is a detective. I purchased the POP! Horror...
  5. Misterblack

    Bombs on the overworld map help

    Hello, all! I hope that this support question is in the right place. If it isn't, my deepest apologies. I'm going to try to explain my dilemma in the best way I can. I am looking at how to lay bombs on the overworld map through events. I'd like to have it where you set a bomb, and after a brief...
  6. Misterblack

    Sprite accessory request

    Hello, all! Hope you're all doing well! I have a little bit of a problem. I'm not really good with drawing certain things, and I have a character that needs a blue baseball cap on his head, and I would like the blue to match his jeans. I'd do it myself but, I'm just not much good at drawing...
  7. Misterblack

    Hello, all!

    Greetings! This is a very belated introduction on my part. I started an account MONTHS ago, but with work, school, taking on new ventures and relationship drama, I've been quite busy. Anyhow, Hello, all! I'm Misterblack, or James in the real world. I've been making games for 12 years now (I...

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