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  1. ashes999

    Windows SmartScreen Blocks Game

    You're right. You have to click More Info and then you can click Run Anyway. Also, there's an encouraging post here about reputation; basically, the more people run your game, the more "rep" it gains, and eventually, it may stop triggering the filters. That won't help us small-time developers...
  2. ashes999

    Windows SmartScreen Blocks Game

    I just saw a video where someone downloaded one of my games and tried to run it on Windows 10. They got the usual "Windows protected your PC from running this app" error. Obviously, I didn't purchase a certificate and sign my app / upload the results like mentioned here. But I'm surprised that...
  3. ashes999

    Version Control: 400MB New Project

    Hi, In VX Ace, since the RTP was separate from the actual game content, it was easy to version-control: just commit your project folder, any custom assets, and you're good. With MV, it seems like each project includes everything from the RTP (minus the base resources stuff); a new project...
  4. ashes999

    Better Game Timer

    @Aomarui sorry,  I renamed the repository. I updated the link and re-updated the embedded version in the spoiler tag.
  5. ashes999

    Lag in Chrome Only

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Chrome runs 30FPS in WebGL mode. FireFox runs 60FPS in WebGL mode. I initially made my project with the original version of RPG Maker when it came out a year ago. I tried it again yesterday. Game.rpgproject cites the version as 1.3.3. I don't have an online...
  6. ashes999

    Lag in Chrome Only

    Hi, I created a new MV project -- no plugins, just a sample map. When I run it in the built-in play tester, it runs fine. On Firefox, it runs fine. On Chrome, it runs quite slow (about 2x as slow as normal). I'm pretty sure it's not GPU-based, because other browsers/etc. are fine. I'm...
  7. ashes999

    Sound Emitting Events

    I too ran into the bug where BGS doesn't stop automatically when you change maps. This happens even without this script -- just add an event with a Parallel execution and play a BGS. It doesn't stop when you change maps. I found the answer here:
  8. ashes999

    RGSS3: Game Shutdown?

    That seems to cover most of what I want. Thanks!
  9. ashes999

    RGSS3: Game Shutdown?

    Okay, how exactly do I do this? Which built in class/functions do I look at? I already looked at most of the built-in classes via the VX Ace Script Editor, but I didn't find anything appropriate.
  10. ashes999

    RGSS3: Game Shutdown?

    In RGSS3 (RPG Maker VX Ace), is there a way to execute some code whenever the user quits their game? If so, does it cover all these cases? - User went through the menu > Shutdown - User went through the menu > Quit to title - User pressed ALT+F4, or pressed the X on the game window...
  11. ashes999

    Better Game Timer

    VX Ace scripts are in Ruby. MV uses Javascript. It would require rewriting. I don't think it's difficult, but I don't have MV any more.
  12. ashes999

    Refund/Support Request Falls on Deaf Ears?

    Hi, Thanks, I really appreciate the reply. Sorry, I didn't realize the "2-3 business days" was not a worst-case "panic if you didn't hear from us by then" value.
  13. ashes999

    Refund/Support Request Falls on Deaf Ears?

    I purchased it through this website, not steam.
  14. ashes999

    Refund/Support Request Falls on Deaf Ears?

    Hi, I opened a refund request through the RPG Maker website "support" feature.  I have clocked in about 30 minutes of MV on Steam, and I haven't activated my key. It's now been at least three business days, and I haven't received any reply. Is there some sort of escalation or clarification...
  15. ashes999

    Rpg Maker Mv Not supporting Arabic!! why?

    It's sad to see that MV, like Ace, doesn't really support these kinds of right-to-left languages out-of-the-box.
  16. ashes999

    Towards a Master List 2.0

    Hi, Many of you are familiar with the VX Ace Master List, which is a giant list of scripts that you can add to your VXA games. I thought a lot about the master list. While it's a great resource overall, I feel it has some drawbacks: It's not easy to search it. Even if you know what you want...
  17. ashes999

    *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    It's not actually one-click. Setting up XDX takes a while (mainly the download size). There are lots of performance/resolution tweaks, and other things, that everyone will want. That, too, should be centralized somehow -- like using WebGL by default.
  18. ashes999

    *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    This is epic. For those of us who create lots of projects (including experimental and failed ones), it's really important to try and get this as close to "one-click" as possible. I would be happy to help write some software that will setup/coordinate (eg. find/store Ant path somewhere)...
  19. ashes999

    APK Generation

    Hi, I think I'm not the only one who expected the "mobile" support to mean it generates an actual APK (for Android) or DMG (for iOS). I tried the "iOS/Android" export, and I see a bunch of HTML(5?)/JS files. Is there an official workflow to get this into an APK? (I have past experience writing...
  20. ashes999

    Porting VX Ace to MV to iOS

    Scripts don't port over. VX Ace uses Ruby and MV uses Javascript. Although it's still "RGSS" style, you have to convert it yourself -- I'm not sure how much the internal API changed (meaning you probably need to rewrite it, you can't easily convert it). Custom sprites don't convert over.  You...

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