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  1. ReStaff Birthday Bash and February 2014!

    Pretty Impressive Indeed!
  2. Wild West Tiles Pack

    Harold J. Trickster Cool to see a proper western Pack
  3. Pioneer Valley Games Resources - Official Topic

    Indeed! It's the Hair
  4. Akaimochi's Character Creations

    Keep up the Good Work!

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Brother made thumbnails for my Lets Plays. He's a swood dude.
Since I'm getting so busy (the fact that I'm often here is due to the fact that this is my procrastination #1 destination), I'm trying a new system where everyday I dedicate 30 minutes to my personal game project. That way it won't fall into the abyss.
In today's seminar:
Presenter: In the past, there was a saying, "One who has tuberculosis is doomed for life." But now-
Everyone: *starts coughing in unision*
Gosh... Today seems too much like a good day to do nothing....

I need to keep myself focused...! :kaoback:

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