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  1. Andr3wWw

    The Red Letter [ r p g h o r r o r ] Team needed!

    Hey! This sounds like an amazing idea and I think it would be a very memorable story ^^ I'd love to join the team but I'm more of a writer than anything. However, I'd love to test the game once it's up for testing ^^ 
  2. Andr3wWw

    A Tale of Chaos [Looking for a team]

    Hello there, rpg enthusiasts. I am relatively new here, but I've been lurking for quite a while looking for a project to work my writing skills on. The ones I found didn't go so well, as they were either abandoned, or ideas kept drastically changing too much for me. So here I am now, trying to...
  3. Andr3wWw

    Looking for Mentor/Collaborator

    Hey man. Just wanted to know this, since I want to pursue a university or college that focuses on games as well, what university do you currently attend and where? How is it there? Was it hard to get in? If you could get back to me that would be awesome ^^ 
  4. Andr3wWw

    Looking for fellow newbies to start a new project

    Wow man. A lot of people here want to write! xD I wanted to apply for a writing position too, because I love to write a lot of things and come up with new ideas, but then I saw you have an awesome team of writers aboard! I could be like a playtester or give you advice and new ideas! ^^ At the...
  5. Andr3wWw

    DREAMBORNE - Recruitment Thread

    I'm very interested in the writer position. ^^ I'd love to work on this, if you PM me, that is. xD 
  6. Andr3wWw

    Celianna's Tileset

    I will be using these! I fell in love with the trees! :3

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